Religious fervor a negative for Donald J. Trump

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Had I realized President Trump was evangelically inclined I would never have cast my vote. A religious mindset will not be beneficial for America or for the world. Traditionally religionists stifle the advancement of science for fear that the discovery of truth will be the demise of religion. Belief in Divine intervention or we being Gods favored nation is deadly foolish.

A few things that bother me are: 1. Withholding funds from Family Planning, to stifle birth control and impede abortions. With 7+ billion humans we have no need for more irresponsible or unwanted births. Human labor is becoming obsolete as AI takes over. What do we think we are going to do with a nation of unemployed humans? Social service are overflowing with abandoned and unwanted children.

2. Backing away from green technology and perpetuating the coal and oil industries to save a few doomed jobs suggests Mr. Trump either does not believe in global warming caused by fossil fuel, hydrocarbons and the human footprint or fails to understand the implications. As warming continues oceans heat up, polar ice melts, agriculture belts move farther north and south of the equator, sea levels rise flooding populated coastal areas, tropical diseases and insects spread into warming areas, drought and severe weather patterns increase damage to our infrastructure and homes eventually grounding commercial air travel. We currently teeter on the brink of no return beyond which our world might well become a second Venus in geological time.

3 .Encouraging religious intervention in affairs of State is a violation of our Constitution and is a one way trip back into the Dark Ages of religious tyranny threatening freedom of thought, expression and behavior. Evangelical's boarder on radical mental instability and irresponsibility.  In future wars, that surely awaits us, the WWJD mindset is bad news. There is no humane way to wage war and if concerned about collateral damage, limited engagement and hoping to put emotion before logic we cannot win against savages who design to scatter our hair, teeth and eyeball across the landscape.

The preponderance of our citizenry is not guiltless by demonstrating and blocking every effort President Trump has made to move forward with priorities. Stupid not to want to secure our boarders or to want to provide sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants. Stupid to not stop the influx of non-vested Muslims from radical Islamic nations.  Stupid to not round up and deport all illegal interlopers taxing our job markets, social services and criminal and drug interdiction efforts. No other country allows such activity. Stupid to not demand the return of our industries to the homeland and to not make "Made in America" products better, more durable, of higher quality, more technologically advanced and more desirable and affordable. Stupid to spend our National treasure helping those who hate us and those who will grow to kill our children.

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