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I started watching this show after it featured in the news, as supposedly it encourages suicide or some such bullshit and is currently incredibly popular with our young generations.

Spoilers follow.  If you want to watch this show , stop reading and come back later!  Seriously STOP!! NO!!

I have now finished the show, and perhaps this is supposed to be the point, but I totally despise Hanna (the suicide girl) and glad she is dead.  She is the most self absorbed empty girl ever.  If anyone improved the world by killing herself, it is this character, however her death ruins many lives.  She is pretty, and generally well liked, but she goes from one disaster to another, mostly of her making.

For those who dont know.  Hanna is dead.   But before she improved the world by removing herself from it, she thought it would be a great idea to record 13 audio tapes trying to blame 13 of her friends for every silly little slight, falling out etc etc   And she has left instructions that those tapes go around her ex-friends in a particular order.   One side of each tape is about each friend and what they "did" to cause Hanna to kill herself.   Some might say the longest suicide note ever!  Or suicide note on steroids!

One particular character who had a tape, obviously had a crush on her, and he was a very popular jock who played in the basketball team.  When one of the other team members tried to grope her on valentines day (she had the reputation for being easy), he sat with her in silence keeping her company.   The next day he made a point of coming over in the school cafeteria, asking her if she was ok, saying he liked her.  Her response? To scream LEAVE ME ALONE  so everyone turned to see what was wrong, embarrassing the guy who was only trying to help.

Yes dear readers, that guy is partly responsible for her killing herself in Hanna's twisted mind.

Another classic was her councillor who she told she had raped at a party by another different jock.  (I think she has encounters with at least 3 of the basketball team, none of which are positive)

Here is some of the dialogue with the councillor:-

Did anything happen that night that you regret?  Yes

Are you embarrassed about something that happened that night?  Yes

Did he force himself upon you?   I think so

Did you tell him to stop?     No

Did you tell him no?   No

I thought at the time when I saw that scene, it wasnt rape.   And then her version of what happened, clearly not rape.   She was also cold sober during this time, she might have been reluctant at that time, but she never even tried to push him away.

She then asks if she tells the councillor what happened, would he promise that the jock would go to jail?

I thought hold on a second  You just said, you werent sure he forced himself on you, you then said you didnt say stop, and you didnt say no.  So why would this guy go to jail exactly?   For not reading your mind?

She then storms out of the office, telling the councillor that she will have to get over it.  He says no dont go.   But she does go.   She then waits outside the office, hoping the councillor runs after her.  But he doesnt.   So clearly he is responsible for her killing herself in Hanna's mind.   I suspect he will lose his job in the second season.

There are also lies in the tape.   I didnt catch them all, but one significant one was when Hanna wrote a note to a boy who she then said he read it screwed it up and threw it away.   But in real life he still had the note, and has kept it because it was important to him.  What else has Hanna made up to seem the victim?

So I have to wonder, what is the message behind this show?   That young women are not capable of making adult decisions?  That everyone is to blame for whatever happens to them (except themselves)?  That young men have to get a signed agreement to have sex?  Because clearly, going along with sex and not shouting NO!!  STOP!! well that's still rape apparently.

Interestingly Hanna was actually a witness to an actual rape and did nothing.  By the same guy who "i think so" raped her some weeks later!   She was hidden in the closet at the time, as one of her friends was passed out unconscious after having too much to drink at another party, and that's when it happened.    Obviously Hanna could have stopped this, she could have screamed NOO FIRE STOP RAPE.   Slapped and shook her friend until she came to, and got her the hell out of that situation.  Instead she just sat in the closet with tears in her eyes.  Poor Hanna.

Anyone with even an inch of rationally would have made damn sure to never see that guy (Bryce) again.  But not Hanna, no.  Instead she is out for a walk to try to gather her thoughts, hears music and actually goes to that rapists house party,  strips down to underwear and gets in the hot tub.  Yes really!!     Next thing, others have left the tub, and she is now alone with him.

In the end, Hanna has ruined many lives.  I especially feel sorry for her parents who found her dead body, were already struggling to pay the mortgage and keep their business going, and especially for Justin who is now totally alone.  The thing was Justin really didnt have anyone in his life, his mum is divorced and his step father / boyfriend of his mum is violent to Justin and they drink and do drugs so no money for Justin.  The only person who really had his back was Bryce, who bought him his basketball kit,  shoes whenever he needed them, and had a bed at his house for Justin whenever things got out of control at his house - which seemed to be often.    Bryce never made a big issue about these things, a true friend I thought.

The kicker in the story, is that the passed out girl was Justin's girlfriend and the guy who took advantage is Bryce. And he knew and allowed Bryce to do what he did, he didnt want to, and he tried to say no, but in the end and with how much he owed Bryce he allowed it.  Much to his incredible regret later.

My view is that Hanna hiding not only led to her friend getting raped, but also to Justin's suicide.   i think this is a big part of why I hate her.   That, and her treatment of Clay a shy quiet, but still good looking boy, who really cared for her, perhaps even loved her.  Not a jock, but a nice respectful kid.

You see Clay is very shy, and when he and Hanna start to get a little physical, he purposely stops and asks "Is this ok?  Are you sure?"   She replies in the affirmative, but then has a flash back to another boy touching her and tells him NO! STOP!.   Yes, that's right.  The guy who goes very slow and asks permission is told to stop, while the guy who moves fast, does not ask, is never told those things.

She then kicks Clay out of the room in tears, much to his bewilderment, even though he offers to stay and talk and try to understand, as he deeply cares for her.  After Hanna's death, Clay then blames himself for not refusing to leave, because then Hanna wouldnt have been hiding in the closet, the rape of the passed out girl (in the same room) would never have happened or at least not been witnessed by Hanna.

It really is a case of damned if you, and more damned if you dont with Hanna.

Anyway, I know this is quite off topic, but I am interested to know what other members think.  :)



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6 hours ago, Neo said:

If you want to watch this show

Oops, I guess you ruined it for me. :)

When "we" bend over backwards for people like the "Hanna" you describe, "we" ruin many other innocent lives. By "we" I do not mean literally "we" but certain pimps who entertain false accusations and refuse to prosecute true crimes.

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1 hour ago, Stinger XX said:

Oops, I guess you ruined it for me. :)

When "we" bend over backwards for people like the "Hanna" you describe, "we" ruin many other innocent lives. By "we" I do not mean literally "we" but certain pimps who entertain false accusations and refuse to prosecute true crimes.

Correct.  And at the end of the first season, Hanna's parents have lawyered up and are now questioning students and teachers about their interactions with Hanna.  One of the final minutes of the show, one of Hanna's friends (who actually wasnt on a tape) - a gay guy, hands Hanna's mother a USB stick with all the recordings on it. And apologises for keeping it from her.

I would seriously consider watching it, as it is interesting from a sociological stand point.  I would also be interested if others feel the same at the end.

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55 minutes ago, Neo said:

I would seriously consider watching it, as it is interesting from a sociological stand point.

I'll take your word for it.  I've had ongoing computer security issues with watching YouTube and other videos.  Aggressive tracking ads and so forth.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this seems to be a story of a young girl, whom adults, including her parents, put up to serious pranks with serious consequences for others as well as herself.  She may be the star, but her parents are the directors in this type of show.  A very covert but extreme form of child abuse.  I have Baby Boomer "parents" like that.

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No, that's not what its about.   Hanna gets herself into these situations with pretty much zero parental influence.  Her parents are actually rather nice and supportive. 

Its more about people not really thinking about the consequences of their actions, but also as I said about the main character blaming others for her own mistakes.


There are lots of nice plugins to stop adds, and help to prevent tracking.   HTTPS everywhere, Self Destructing Cookies, Privacy Badger, uBlock Origin.    Some of these come from the very respected EFF organisation.

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