Liberals ruin Star Trek

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Despite Star Trek fans being well, mostly white geeky men.   They have written the Star Trek reboot, to star mostly non-white women and a gay man.  As one witty YouTuber commented  "The U.S.S. Equalise with Captain Politically Kirect".

I guess no lessons were learned from the huge flop that was the all women Ghostbusters.


Star Trek has always been pretty much ahead of its time.  A black woman officer on the bridge, in the original series, and a Russian character during a time when Russian's were seen as the enemy.   The excellent Janeway in Voyager,  but the thing about Janeway it never felt like she was there because "we must try a woman captain", she was hard as nails and brilliant in the role.  Equally so the female engineer / half Klingon.

But this feels forced.  Very forced.

Michelle Yeoh although excellent in martial arts films such as Crouching Tiger, has a very strong accent.  Do people in the future really speak English with Chinese accent?    Add to this Sonequa Martin-Green who was rather average in the Walking Dead.   If the brief was to cast a female lead, I would have considered the excellent Maggie Q who is an excellent actress, ticks the diversity box and used to playing strong intelligent action roles.

The difference about today, is almost every single show on TV is pushing the same liberal SJW agenda that most people hate.   They hate it.   They hate it in their everyday life, and the last thing they want to do is come home to relax and watch a show about it.   So rather than being something special and unique, as it was in the 60s, its the same trash that gets one series and then is cancelled.  And then they think people will pay to see this?   No way.  Did they forget the crowds as Trump rallies giving resounding cheers to Trump saying he hated political correctness?

I think Hollywood in general has forgotten who their audience is, and instead of giving what their audience actually wants, you know stories about them!  Stories that they can imagine themselves as being that role.  They get what Hollywood wants to shape them into.  But people dont choose to watch to get brainwashing (BBC viewers aside -  and they are forced to pay or go to jail)

Finally, why is is another prequel?   We already had Enterprise, which was generally well liked thought not as popular as some of the other series.   How about carrying the story on after Voyager?  Why?  They have run out of ideas!  Their creativity has gone. Instead we will get a prequel where the ships are strangely more technically advanced than the original Star Trek.

From the small amount i have seen so far, I will be very surprised if this gets a second series.  Will lessons be learnt?  Will they realise who their audience is and what they want?  I suspect not.






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21 hours ago, Stinger XX said:

Would you really be gay if there were only non-white women on that ship with you?

Is that all you took out of that whole post?  Some people might be gay in spite of that, rather than because of that.

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18 hours ago, Neo said:

Is that all you took out of that whole post?  Some people might be gay in spite of that, rather than because of that.

I'm partly just kidding, but there is a serious aspect to this, too.  Think about real ships in the Navy, especially say a submarine on a top-secret months-long mission, males only.... That's got to be worse than a prison sentence. That "gay" stuff just doesn't seem like it would survive down there.

A lot of girls I know are lesbian or bisexual, but I can't really relate or identify with "gay male" relationships, except I know they must exist because so do female-female romantic or sexual relationships.

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