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Stinger XX

GOOGL: selection and placement of news articles

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Local news. -- A popular [local] business that's been a staple in the community for almost five decades was the target of a Facebook hoax.
Interested in [this] city?  Yes | No
Blatant advertisement posing as as "news" article on Google News.
Thumbs down for the whole Google show.

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2 hours ago, trevorpresler said:

Hi there! I completely agree with you! Let them clarify the situation! 

Soo... Some cop pulled you over, yanked your driver's license, case dismissed but the driver's license was not reinstated.

Ok.  This is a conspiracy site, and we go way out here.

November 22, 2008.  Did you know this police officer? Was he (I assume "he" because, well, this is in N.C.)  gay and you rejected a sexual advance from him?

The 22nd is the usual date of the change of the sign of the Zodiac; some sort of analogue of a female "period" for gay men, symbolic either of mutual fellatio or of drinking alcohol. Code: "dude turned me down: please spike his coffee with alcohol on the road for me."  Which the coffee-shop whores are glad to do because they hate rejected gay men, never mind you are probably a well-received straight man in a case like this.

"11" -- (in this case November, the eleventh month,) is another gay cop code -- "matchsticks" -- symbolic generally of "finding your match" and more specifically likening the shape of a matchstick to that of a circumcised penis. This cop's "in love" with you, man.

Are you vomiting yet after reading all this? You may have never been in the military, but this is military.

Neo-Confederate uprising.  Insurrection and rebellion against the United States of America.

You need backup from military police.

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I'm more of a sis than a bro -- and no, not to the local lezbo-sexual service-industry whores who call me "sir" all the time -- but the military has kind of a "brotherhood" thing about having "a valid driver's license" -- meaning they kick butt downtown at the DMV.  It's mostly a rank-and-file thing, but it definitely goes all the way up to the Pentagon -- and I've been snooping around military sites.

And now I have to leave town because I refuse to marry some dude who doesn't even know or care whether he's sucking dick or pussy, won't take no for an answer, whistles in the shower, and thinks he is entitled to have all the "bros" ask me on his behalf after slipping date rape drugs in my tea. No, no, no. A thousand times, no.

Gotta sit tight until (a) certain dudes are pulled off my butt and flushed down the toilet where they belong AND (b) I recover some of my cash money which has been improperly held up.

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