Shadow man sleep paralysis

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Hi ,just wanted input from others ! About 4 weeks ago for three consecutive nights i had a ongoing experience (seemed to be a continuation from the night previous) for 4 nights i will explain and hope i get some feedback! First night i was in sleep paralysis where the room was dark except for very little moonlight coming through under the blinds .during paralysis i can see my whole room so its dark things are in different shades of grey to black i am laying on my left side, facing left side of the room but i am looking somehow at the right side of my bedroom(strange) that's completely behind me! Then my room changes only slightly my window is a bit wider  and where I have another wall with a small window is now what appears to be a small door now i hear a baby crying but everything else is all the same i am still in bed facing left these other things are happening on the right behind me then more crying for a bit then i wake!                        

Night 2--i am in bed laying on my left side i am in paralysis again i can now watch behind myself  ( the other side of my bed and room! Next i see the black outline of a male figure my room is dark shaded in grey to black because its dark but the figure is the blackest in the room a very sharp outline but completely dark outline very distinct but completely blacked out inside no cloths eyes face colour but very distinct in its outline very sharp outline it you can feel its energy as a live person but its a solid black figure but its outline as it moves is exactly human he is next to my bed my back is to him he reaches out and gets a hold of my right upper arm i see him do it as he is moving to do it and (i FEEL) him holding my arm ! I did not want to say grab because it was not in a aggressive nature it was as if he wanted my complete attention then  i got scared this whole thing seeing him then he moved to hold my arm only took about 20 seconds i got scared and started to yell for my boyfriend Steve he was on my left side shadow man was behind me the right side of the bed so i am yelling "Steve look over here Steve please Steve but seems to not be waking now i am feeling shaky trying to get him to hear me cause im in paralysis i am not actually yelling i was moaning very load he wakes and shakes me out of paralysis i said why didn't you hear me i was so scared  i was glad it stopped ! Sweating heart pounding because of the struggle i was having trying to get Steve's attention to help me but i cant move so i was really struggling to move and get assistance from him!        

Night-3 Same setting Steve on left side me behind him i am laying on my left side again but again i am seeing the right side of the room now he is there as i see the black figure he is moving to me he is so detailed  his outline he Gets Into Bed Behind Me reaches over me as if to spoon me arm over me then he raises up as if to kiss me his face comes only about 3 inches from mine all i can see is no features but his outline of his head was so detailed i can see the shape of his wild hair thick but kind of  spiky and long  then i head clanging of what i knew to be of a few earrings jewellery clang i could feel him pressing against me from behind he never spoke only jewellery sound i am struggling again Yelling ( moaning) Steve Steve help Steve look Steve Steve i wake again he went from reaching to hold my arm to getting into bed spooning me reaching over to kiss me a continuing visitation !                      

Night 4--- I am scared to sleep on that side of the room so. Ask Steve to sleep behind me spoon me to block the shadow man from getting to me from behind! Then i see a very large shadow dog leap from the right side of the room over both of us i never saw him land he leaped after he moved over my body i woke and i have not had any more visits in last almost month but i did pray and put rosary beads on that side of the room !!!

Its all so strange because i could also feel the figure !!!!!




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Sexual assault.  No kidding.  "Steve" can't be much help, because he's asleep, too.

Happened to me once, too.  I was sleeping upstairs because someone had been bothering me in my bedroom.  A man started climbing the stairs, and we had a kitten at that time, too.  The kitten raced upstairs around the man's feet, jumped up on my bed and silently pressed her face into mine to wake me up.  I was startled, and when I looked I saw the man turn around and go back down the stairs.

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On 5/1/2018 at 11:12 AM, JKMonk97 said:

What? why show your face in a forum just like that? Looking for attention?

What? People aren't on Facebook? High on date rape drugs, who knows what else? She needs to get off those drugs, dump that boyfriend and his buddies and all her best friends forever, and she sure as hell doesn't need your kind of attention. Or mine. Old thread.

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