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Donald Trump is a candidate of the Feds

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928. The FBI shows its true face (10/28/2016)

Though the media show Clinton has a two digital leading, Trump says, 'I actually think we're winning' He 
rejects polls as inaccurate: ‘All the fair polls have us winning’. He is arbitrary. What makes Trump so confident? Because he knows he is candidate of the FBI. They are the ruler of U.S. 

To support Trump's campaign, FBI made its first-ever political bias. 

Ex-FBI Asst Director Makes First-Ever Political Endorsement for Trump With Emotional Plea to America


With the election only a few weeks out, James Kallstrom, the former Assistant Director of the FBI, has decided to endorse Trump.

In an interview on Fox News, Kallstrom started out by making it clear that he has a “low opinion of all politicians, except for a few.”

As I always said - email is a tool for FBI to extort: 

FBI: New Clinton emails prompt further investigation


WASHINGTON (AP) — The FBI informed Congress Friday it is investigating whether new emails that have emerged in its probe of Hillary Clinton's private server may contain classified information. The FBI said in July its investigation was finished.


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929. Who has the motive to activate "terror attack"? (11/5/2016)

Feds warn NYC officials about possible al Qaeda attack

By Jamie Schram and Yaron Steinbuch November 4, 2016 

New York City law enforcement authorities are on high alert after receiving a warning by the feds about a possible attack by al Qaeda on the eve of Election Day, sources said.

US intelligence officials alerted joint terrorism task forces of the threat, which also included Texas and Virginia — though specific sites targeted for Monday in the three states were not mentioned, a federal source told The Post.

Does Al Qaeda interest in US election? Think with your brain. Obviously, someone planned "terror attack" if the election result is not in their favorite. Consider 9/11 attack was activated for Mid-East war and domestic police power(Patriot Act), the "terror attack" is their weapon to grab more power. 

It's very clear now that Trump is the FBI's candidate. Email is a tool used by the Feds to extort people. When Assange and Wikileaks were viewed as false flags by public, the FBI quickly found a substitude. After all, they have informants everywhere, especially around politicians. Hillary Clinton is an important politician. Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner, could be informant of the FBI, or both are. Those informants could be used as key witness in big case.

When Leuwinsky scandal happened and Linda Trip said in her speech,"I am you, American." I couldn't help to laugh. She thought many people were the same as her. She is right. In this country, informant are vastly used by Federal law enforcement agency.

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On 2/12/2018 at 3:09 PM, katsung47 said:

What makes Trump so confident? Because he knows he is candidate of the FBI.

How does Trump come out so clean in the wash? This reminds me of J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI from its inception and for many years after -- through two world wars and a great depression, in fact.

Hoover had the goods on ALL the politicians during his career, and he was not shy to use subtle and not-so-subtle extortion tactics. Prohibition, the crooked doctors who prescribed alcoholic cures, the whole bit. Kind of funny they never really directly took down the big mob bosses like Al Capone.

Fought a war against Italy (along with Germany and Japan) but not really against the Italian Mafia, which rules to this day in the U.S. while the FBI minimizes the threat it poses, maintains the system of Omerta, and refuses to fight.

The G-men were apparently too busy, then as now, adjusting their jock straps.

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930. FBI activate a coup (11/6/2016)

I had such information from internet:


Cone of silence

According to an FBI source, Comey had over a hundred letters of resignation sitting on his desk. When he walked through the halls, agents would turn their back and look the other way. Then he reopened the case, and "the entire building broke out in cheers".


BREAKING: Comey mandates All FBI Agents Report to D.C. Offices; Prep for Raids, Possible Arrests in Clinton Probes
Posted on November 4, 2016

Apparently, Comey under the pressure of FBI officials to re-open investigation on Clinton's email case. That's an open interference in election. The purpose is to help their candidate - Trump to grab the power seat of president. I think the FBI has big plan in next year. 

From my point of view, it's no other than a coup. In dictatorship, the officials activate army to take over control. In US, they activate themselves - secret police.  

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We're playing the universal-circumcision game. Blame anyone you want, but oh, no, Russian Jews could not possibly have manipulated the election. Excuse me, news-media-for-retards, Donald Trump's wife is Russian, and his son-in-law is Jewish. Fuckin' shit, you need to have your kids circumcised. Just don't even think about blaming the Jews.

I think we need to read the New Testament on this one.

Romans 2:28-29. For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.

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971. Secret deal behind Russian's email hacking (7/22/2017)

Trump called Russians to hack Clinton's emails. He says now he didn't know Russians hacking deal. What was his base to call Russian to hack Clinton's email? Idea dropped from the sky? 

'Treason'? Critics savage Trump over Russia hack comments

By NAHAL TOOSI and SEUNG MIN KIM 07/27/2016 

Donald Trump's call on Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's emails has shocked, flabbergasted and appalled lawmakers and national security experts across the political spectrum, with one saying it was "tantamount to treason."

Of course, Russian wouldn't give a free service. Six months later, Aleppo fell. A first payment to Russia after Trump won the president campaign. Rebel retreated in order. That was an arranged deal. 

Aleppo: Evacuations resume after buses set ablaze

 CNN         December 18, 20

As many as 9,000 people had been evacuated from eastern Aleppo in nine convoys on Thursday and Friday

The full deal is done one year later. Tillerson's words means "Now we fulfill the deal. Syria is yours". 

US Secretary of State says 'Syria's fate is in Russian hands now'

   The Independent•             July 3, 2017

The US Secretary of State has reportedly told the United Nations Secretary General that he thinks the fate of Syria and its leader is now up to Russia.

Rex Tillerson held a private meeting with Antonio Guterres at the State Department when he said the US was limiting its mission to defeating terror group Isis, according to Foreign Policy.

Trump and Putin's Syria Ceasefire Effectively Lets Assad Off the Hook

Time                   July 10, 2017

Observers and former U.S. officials say the ceasefire deal effectively guarantees Assad’s regime remains in place, in spite of Trump administration rhetoric to the contrary.

Meanwhile, US had a missile attack on Syria in the name that Syria had a chemical weapon violation, that was a cover up operation of the secret deal. 


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992. How to pass "Tax Reform" bill? (11/22/2017)

18 months ago, in #902, I wrote, "Now they want Donald Trump to take care of the situation of economic collapse in coming years. The main job is to cover up the murder case - to kill Kat Sung, his relatives and people who know this story." From August till now, the Feds work day and night to frame a case on me. Of course, there is another mission for them, to help the ruling class to escape from the coming economic crisis. For this, Trump pushes out a "Tax Reform".

GOP Tax Bill Mostly Benefits The Wealthy, Tax Policy Center Finds

Arthur Delaney,HuffPost• November 6, 2017

WASHINGTON ? The richest 1 percent of Americans would reap 48 percent of the benefits of Republican tax reform legislation, according to a new analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.

US already has a huge debt, that Tax Reform will add more on it. Before the debt mountain collapsing, they try to loot more for themselves in last minute. To get the Bill passing through, we saw Flake and Corker dropped out of the Senate race, then Roy Moore is revealed sex scandal, then Rand Paul was assaulted at Kentucky home by "acquaintance". All these are intimidations to GOP Senate, follow Donald Trump. Vote his way or otherwise, be Corker and Flake, or Rand paul, Roy Moore alike.

GOP Senators Believe Roy Moore's Accusers But Not Donald Trump's

Jennifer Bendery,HuffPost• November 14, 2017

Moore’s scandal has put his party in an incredibly uncomfortable predicament: the more Republicans say the allegations by five women against Moore are proof that he doesn’t belong in the Senate, the more hypocritical they look for ignoring the 16 women who have accused Trump of sexual assault and helping him become president.

So why do Republicans believe Moore’s accusers but not Trump’s? HuffPost spent Tuesday asking GOP senators why the situations are different. Few could offer a convincing argument, instead opting to shrug their shoulders, pivot or abruptly walk away.

That's the way how US government works.
Politicians are whipped to one direction by the Feds.

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1005. News proves my opinion is very correct (2/16/2018)

On 1/27 in (1,002) about the (anti Trump) text of FBI agents Strzok and Page I wrote:

I think that is done by the real "secret society" of the FBI. 

1. Everybody has his own politic view. So do Strzok and Page. Must they have to support Donald Trump? Did they commit any crime in that Trump Russian gate investigation team?

2. It's more like a sting project as the FBI used to do. Strzok and Page could be false flag embedded in that team to sabotage "anti-Trump" plot. They were monitored. Their email were intercepted. As I know the culture of the FBI is anti-Clinton, and Trump is their representative. see #930. 

3. The articles is to cut relationship between Trump and the FBI when Trump became notorious that he won the election by the help of Russians. 

4. It's another style to apply pressure on the FBI to finish the Kat Sung's case.See #902.
"Now they want Donald Trump to take care of the situation of economic collapse in coming years. The main job is to cover up the murder case -  to kill Kat Sung, his relatives and people who know this story. That is the core interest of the Feds for which they have paid so much to China. see new secret deal at :"899. April plot (3/29/2016)"."

Four days later, a news article proves my opinion is very correct. 

FBI Agent Trump Accused Of 'Treason' Wrote Letter That Helped Get Trump Elected

Paige Lavender,HuffPost•               January 31, 2018

WASHINGTON ? FBI agent Peter Strzok helped draft a letter that, in the final days of the 2016 presidential campaign, signaled the re-opening of a probe into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails, CNN reported Wednesday.

Strzok is one of the FBI agents whom some Republicans have accused of scheming to undermine President Donald Trump ahead of the 2016 election. He worked on both the Clinton probe as well as the Russia probe when it was in its early stages, and later joined special counsel Robert Mueller’s team.

The letter Strzok helped draft, sent to Congress by then-FBI Director James Comey on Oct. 28 ? days ahead of the 2016 election ? dealt a blow to Clinton, whom Trump repeatedly attacked for using a personal email while serving as secretary of state. Comey penned another letter just before the election saying no new relevant information was found, and stood by the FBI’s prior decision not to recommend charges

The reality is Strzok took part in the operation to re-open the investigation on Hillary ten days before the voting date that helped Trump to win the election. 

The reality is Strzok's text with Page are now used by Trump to attack Mueller's team that investigating him. 

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Is there a tyrant among us? What would Shakespeare say?
    Jerry Adler,Yahoo News•May 7, 2018

A cynical demagogue achieves the height of power through deceit and treachery, and proceeds to rule ruthlessly. Brooding, suspicious, and captive of his own angry whims, he dismisses or alienates the very allies who helped his rise, until he must face, virtually alone, the righteous retribution of those he has exploited and wronged.

Sound familiar? It should: It is the plot of one of Shakespeare’s best-known plays, Richard III, which also forms the heart of a new book by the scholar and Pulitzer-prize-winning author Stephen Greenblatt, Tyrant: Shakespeare on Politics. Any resemblance to current events or personalities is strictly intentional.

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1021. Trump's job - eliminate Kat Sung (5/21/2018)

Two years ago, in (902. Trump's job) I concluded "The main job is to cover up the murder case -  to kill Kat Sung, his relatives and people who know this story."

3/10/2017  Trump Abruptly Ordered 46 Federal Prosecutors to Resign.

5/9,  Trump fired FBI Director Comey.(It proves Comey's story "Trump demands "loyal"        ".
      Trump belongs to the Deep State.) 

8/2,  Christopher Wray was sworn in as the Director of the FBI. (The deep state         need someone to take the responsibility by approving the evil murder cases.)

8/3,  I found the Feds started main plot of "gas explosion" and "search by damaged             house" intention. 

      Here are three plots to murder my wife.  

(1) 8/31, I warned 9/2 could be action date and would be followed by Korea war to distract. (see #979)

9/1, US bans US citizen travel to N. Korea. (Trump joins the plot)

9/2 - 9/10, my wife left for Canada. 

9/3, N. Korea exploded a hydrogen bomb.(used as distraction) It was a planned distraction. N. Korea did their job to the secret deal but Trump did nothing to react. Because the main target - Kat Sung, is still alive. 

(2) 10/2 - 10/18   My wife go another trip to Europe.

    9/25  I wrote in "(983) So something will happen at that time."
          That "something" became "Las Vegas mass shooting". It was used as a           distraction. It was a remedial case hurried done for 9/2 case. So there was           a lot of flaws in this event. 

(3) 3/17 - 3/31  My wife and my brother were arranged a travel to Taiwan.

3/16, A.G. Sessions fired FBI deputy McCabe. (An intimidation or a purge in FBI?)
3/16, Donald Trump signs "Taiwan Travel Act.(again, Trump joins the case)
3/17, my wife's original planed leaving date. Means the case starts.   

     I predicted something big would happen in this case but nothing took place. I think that's because I had previously made some correct predictions. The Feds try to distract it. 

Here is another story that Trump use foreign affair in my case when I noticed he announced to withdraw from "Iran nuclear deal" on 5/8, not original 5/12. 

(quote) May 8, 2018, 10:45 PM
Trump announces decision to "withdraw" from Iran nuclear deal (/quote)

The original plan: (quote) Trump Will Scrap Iran Deal On May 12 (/quote)

Why did they change the time? On 5/7,  Contractor came to my yard and replaced the fence. If the Feds created a case then they need something to distract. That's their routine job. see "1018. Frame a case by "replace fence" (4/30/2018)". 

475. The fired Federal Attorney and March plot (3/28/07)

Kevin Ryan was fired (in the name of resignation) at the same time when Neigroponte lost his post of the National intelligence head. They were punished for failure to frame an innocent person in created crime. To cover up Ryan's forced resignation, other Federal Attorney became sacrifice. DOJ fired those whom were thought not loyal to Bush to make Ryan's resignation not so evident. 

Most of those fired issued a stiff defense of their conduct except Kevin Ryan. It could prove my allegation that they were sacrifice. Read the following news, you may understand better. 

Re: "S. F. prosecutor's firing unchallenged
Howard Mintz
Mercury News   March 21, 2007

Despite all the controversy surrounding the firing of eight US attorneys, the release of thousands of pages of internal Justice Department documents shows there has not been much protest over the ouster of San Francisco US Attorney Kevin Ryan,.....

Ryan was among the US attorneys asked to resign in the December purge, but Bush administration critics, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., have not cited his dismissal as being tainted by politics. 

Unlike other US attorneys who protested their firings, there are few exchanges involving Ryan in the newly released documents. One Justice Department e-mail quotes Ryan's former chief assistant, Eumi Choi, as saying Ryan was remaining a "company man" after his firing and refusing to take phone calls from Feinstein."

In early 1990s, when I found Feds (FBI, DEA) using radioactive material as tracing tactic which hurt my health, I complained to Federal Attorney's office. I was very innocent then, after failing to complain in some office like D.A.'s office or organization such like ACLU... I went to the Federal Building. I went there several times until an aide told me that "there is no use to come  here. We cooperate with FBI." Then I knew they work together. 

Did Ryan, as DOJ said, run his office in disarray? No, he did a very aggressive job. From the news "Ryan has beefed up the San Jose branch to 20 lawyers from the usual dozen or so, an unprecedented level.", I knew he arranged almost eight or so Federal Attorney to frame me in case. What have they done? 

To plant drug at my house by "free gift". To disguise contractor for "reasonable search". To block the drainage to search  the water after I washing the clothes or take a bath. To collect the garbage by a cover up "garbage company". To manipulate my wife to file tax return without my consent. To cut my financial support...... All these were the work done by the attorneys in Ryan's office with the Feds. 

One thing you should know is that Ryan was not fired for doing these evil things. He was fired for not evil enough to frame me in a case they created. 

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President Trump has made 3,001 false or misleading claims so far
By Glenn Kessler, Salvador Rizzo and Meg Kelly       May 1,2018

In the 466 days since he took the oath of office, President Trump has made 3,001 false or misleading claims, according to The Fact Checker’s database that analyzes, categorizes and tracks every suspect statement uttered by the president.

That’s an average of nearly 6.5 claims a day.

When we first started this project for the president’s first 100 days, he averaged 4.9 claims a day. Slowly, the average number of claims has been creeping up.

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On 7/3/2018 at 1:03 PM, katsung47 said:

Trump has made 3,001 false or misleading claims

Claims. Is that insurance fraud, or something else?

A "claim" is a legal allegation that some other party owes one money or property.

Otherwise, the newspaper editors are illiterate if they think Trump made that many "claims" since taking office.

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so basically he has told 1/64th. of the amount of mistruths that Barak and Hillary have told. Thanks for clearing that up for us.

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In Rebuke of Trump, Tillerson Says Lies Are a Threat to Democracy

By Gardiner Harris
May 16, 2018

WASHINGTON — In a veiled rebuke of President Trump, former Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson warned on Wednesday that American democracy was threatened by a growing “crisis of ethics and integrity.”

“If our leaders seek to conceal the truth, or we as people become accepting of alternative realities that are no longer grounded in facts, then we as American citizens are on a pathway to relinquishing our freedom,” he said in a commencement address at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Va.

Even small falsehoods and exaggerations are problematic, Mr. Tillerson said. He did not mention Mr. Trump by name, although the president is prone to both.

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On 8/16/2017 at 2:48 PM, katsung47 said:

FBI Special Support Group

There is some truth to this. The military has some unofficial "Special Forces," too. Green Berets, Navy Seals, etc. Think on the order of Special Olympics in the sports world.

There is always an official support group, but especially in a military, one cannot afford to alienate "guerillas" or unofficial fighters on one's side, so in a certain sense there has always been openness in the military to an unofficial support.

Civilian law enforcement in the USA, on the other hand, has come to reject the Constitutional ideals of a free people who had to fight and must continue to fight in order to maintain or regain the loss of their freedom.

In particular, no non-military law enforcement jurisdiction anywhere in the United States supports the Constitutional right of civilians to possess and carry firearms, and furthermore they have a very poor attitude of "once lost, lost forever" not only for the all-important right to bear arms, but for other civil rights as well.

Non-military law enforcement has all but explicitly rejected the Constitution in the U.S. and sworn fealty to city hall, the police union, "big brother," and one or another Fraternal Order of Police.

It's hard to put one's finger precisely on the general attitude problem, but it can almost be summed up, "Someone bit my brother, so I've got to pull everbody's teeth to make sure it doesn't happen again."

Such forced love and peace are only rape and murder, decked out in elaborate political disguise.

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Donald Trump's America: The rogue superpower
Robert Kagan, The Washington Post             June 14, 2018

 the United States as rogue superpower, neither isolationist nor internationalist, neither withdrawing nor in decline, but active, powerful and entirely out for itself. In recent months, on trade, Iran, NATO defense spending and perhaps even North Korea, Trump has shown that a president willing to throw off the moral, ideological and strategic constraints that limited U.S. action in the past can bend this intractable world to his will, at least for a while.

Trump is not merely neglecting the liberal world order; he is milking it for narrow gain,rapidly destroying the trust and sense of common purpose that have held it together and prevented international chaos for seven decades. The successes he is scoring - if they are successes - derive from his willingness to do what past presidents have refused to do: exploit the great disparities of power built into the postwar order, at the expense of the United States' allies and partners.

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19 hours ago, katsung47 said:

Trump's New Executive Orders Make It Easier To Fire Federal Workers
    Antonia Blumberg,HuffPost•        May 25, 2018

Reporter's name = Antonia Blumberg

Special Prosecutor = Robert Swan Müller III

Attorney General = Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

Reminds me of a woman named Antonia Müller, a mental health worker whom the FBI initially sicced on me to have me "committed" and robbed of my guns under color of law without even a pretense of condescension to due process.

They got too personal with it, and it is coming back to bite them, because their names are not real.

Sharon Allen = my mother + "hex" key ???

Brooks Oglesby-Junk, ARNP = googling, surfing porn ???

Brooke Riehl = prostitute, not her "real" name.

They used fake names to slur my real name in court and have me adjudicated as a mental defective in a court of law. They will not budge on the gun ban.

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On 9/11/2018 at 1:35 PM, katsung47 said:

Trump is in complete denial about the cleanup effort his administration has done in Puerto Rico. Ana Kasparian, Jayar Jackson, and Mark Thompson break it down on The Young Turks.

When you say Trump is a candidate of the "Feds," I interpret that to mean the Civil War-era Confederacy, the Federal Reserve System, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and even the Russian Federation.

We need to trace this back to "The Federalist Papers" recalling that the original Constitution allowed for slavery and did not contain the Bill of Rights.

The Anti-Federalists at the time spoke of "States' Rights" -- and as "a state" or "the state" can have no rights in and of itself, we have to interpret this argument as the right of the people to determine their affairs legally on a more local or individual state basis rather than that of a federation of a large number of states, which tends to be an ineffective and inefficient way of governing day-to-day, mostly local legal matters without causing the entire federation to devolve into a police state or totalitarianism, which we are at pains to deny in this day and age of FBI, NSA, CIA, DEA, ATF, INS, NRO, and various other so-called "three-letter" U.S. agencies that tend to operate on a strange and surreal shifting boundary between civilian and military jurisdictions which effectively places them above the law and at the arbitrary disposal of the executive branch of the U.S. government.

The Amendments constituting the Bill of Rights were approved and made effective by leveraging the power of that federation to limit the powers not only of the federal government but of local and individual state governments as well. After the Civil War, further Amendments were passed, mainly to abolish slavery and ensure civil rights and an equitable right to vote, which continues to be an enormous Constitutional difficulty in the United States to this day, especially since the Gun Control Act of 1968 (de facto if not de juris) abrogated the Second Amendment for large and arbitrary classes of disenfranchised people, many of whom are stripped not only of their right to vote in local, state, and United States elections, but to  to work and earn wages or business profits in certain occupations, to move freely or even to leave the country.

The Unites States are devolving into a single unified New World Order prison state.

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>>> Russian woman ... charged with trying to interfere and "sow discord" in the American political system <<<

What? Is the D.O.J. enforcing political Omertà in the U.S.?

>>> Perosecutors noted that the conspirators' activities "did not exclusively adopt one ideological view; they wrote on topics from varied and sometimes opposing perspectives." <<<

That's a tall order. There is no evidence of anything other than that the woman was involved in hosting an online political discussion heavily attended by Russian Nationals in the U.S. Note the woman has apparently not yet been arrested.

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Montana is owned by Jane Fonda, Ted Turner and others of movie star and pop culture celebrity ilk.

They are adamantly pro-drug, and they don't want you to have a gun.

When people like that go to law and say that I shouldn't have a gun, it is my firm and inescapable conclusion that they are murderers and guilty of high treason.

If I didn't misuse a gun, i.e., shoot and kill or at least seriously injure someone with it, I shouldn't be prohibited from owning a gun.

Otherwise to claim that I should not own firearms is a false accusation of murder against me.

The Democrats and movie stars, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, and all the Big D monied elite limousine liberals are murderers, traitors, and false accusers of their brethren. Their money is no good, and they are desperately tightening their purse strings at the Federal Reserve to hold on to it after squandering a whole generation's livelihood on low interest rates.

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