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I have developed an alternate theory of what the gangstalking experience could be, as pertaining specifically to the voices you hear, along with the street theater you may feel you experience. I am not discrediting any theories or statements previously developed, I am only creating an opinion based on my experience. I am first going to explain what i believe gangstalking might actually be as pertaining to the voices, second I will explain why we hear the voices, third i will explain why others share similar experiences, and last i will share some of my experiences, and how they leave an open question mark to any theory trying to explain this phenomena.

So first, when I hear the voices, i begin to find myself wondering if people really are getting paid off to spend days on end, extensively infatuated with bullying and harassing your every moment. I can see how individuals using electronic harrassment may get carried away because they would obviously be using the best technology ever introduced, in so fact as they can see your thoughts, see thru your eyes and interject at your every thought, but i dont see why they would use this to continuously harass and demean a person. It seems out of context, or maybe like your "contractor" or gangstalker is a real bitter individual. But this is what leads me to believe something else. Im starting to think that the voices are actually a psychological conditioning we've be subconsciously and subliminally live by. What i mean is this, up to a certain age in life, we have been conditioned by media and society to develop a psychological judgement of ourselves. For instance, a person knows hes a drug addict because he does drugs, but he feels like hes subject to being labeled as untrustworthy, delusional and sacrificial to society. As a result, the drug addict becomes aware of himself as a target for these labels, so at some point, because of social and media conditioning, he begins ritualistically believing that people share the same view about him. His family, his friends, neighbors, whoever. So what happens is upon being lonely for a period of time, the person who is a drug addict begins subconsciously feeling these ways about himself due to popular belief. What then happens is we begin hearing voices.

The media and society together create a reward and/or a consequence for every action and thought. When you become isolated, you begin to think about yourself, and you start relating wondering what people really are thinking about you. This is where i believe people start to hear the voices. The negative outcomes in general are the ones we tend to focus on the most. Prime example, the news stations on television continue to broadcast depressing, negative events. Society is thus conditioned to be attentive to negativity rather than entertain the fact that good does exist and there is always hope, and not everything is all as bad as it seems. Some thoughts and actions are taken well out of context, but still receive the same judgements and consequences or rewards. For instance, back to the drug addict example, "hes a drug addict, dont trust him." Well he may do drugs, maybe hes not so addicted, and maybe you can trust him. He might even end up being better than most people you know. Yet still, he is a victim of conditioned beliefs which are somewhat inescapable.


So why do we hear the voices? i believe that we hear the voices because at some point in our life we began to isolate ourselves from society and doing so caused us to create a world of people who could pass some sort of judgement on you. You could just begin to imagine what theyd think and you become a victim of the conditioning you grew up accepting. You may not believe your really all that against the protocol lifestyle society demands of you, but you know other people do not feel the same. This causes  you to wonder and upon isolation begin to develop a conscious image of yourself based on popular opinion.

So why do we share similar experiences? This is technical. It depends where youre from. But here in my country we who feel targeted share similar experiences. I believe this is due to the fact that we all watch the same media programming and the same societal instances. In California its just as bad doing heroin as it is in another state. The same type of associations are consistent among society everywhere. In both the media and society, judgements are passed and consequences are made clear. So if you were a heroin addict in one state, its possible you may feel exactly the same way in another state. If you were anything that parallels a criminal lifestyle, even in thought, you would begin to feel as if you might as well be a criminal and accept the fact that you face consequence. Each outcome being similar or the same, we all share the same fear and our conditioned selves are subject to paying attention to the most popular of opinion when it pertains to ourselves. This is why sometimes I believe no one can judge you harder than yourself, as the voices seem sometimes to be very unforgiving, relentless and cruel.

Last I am going to explain my experiences and possibly debunk my own theories. When I research gangstalking there is a variety of popular opinion that seems to define gangstalking perfectly, mainly points of views pertaining to a scientific v2k or religious outlook. The reason sometimes why it seems v2k is because the voices are so harassing that I sometimes feel we ourselves wouldnt go as far to make ourselves completely miserable, We wouldnt blacklist ourselves to that degree. The religious point of view of course blames demons, but who knows, maybe its some real priesthood cult, used to control people. Moses heard Gods voices in a burning bush right? Maybe the whole time, there has been a secret cult hiding this from us, since the beggining, they had the power to do this. Maybe technology, maybe spiritual. I tend to relate more often to the religious outlook on it, simply because in religion forums, they include experiences which you dont commonly find in other websites, but you share the same experiences. For instance, I cant cite the page, but someone added that the voices would amplify when around a water faucet or motor or white noise, like the freeway. If it is psychological as my theory states, then its because the white noise could possibly be just a way of causing a person to want to make something more out of it than what the natural noise really is. Another thing is street theater. Street theatre could be a result of slippery slope, that meaning, when you begin to think someones out to get you, you see everyone as a potential threat, and you make a connection given any seemingly convincing circumstance. Then again, the street theatre i feel i have experienced has been seemingly convincing when connected with the voices you hear.

Im gonna end it with that. The last paragraph was provided to give an alternate debunking of my theory, as there is no real research which I feel can ultimately explain gangstalking. We may never know the truth. One thing i do want to say is i went so delirious once, I called the dept. of Justice for some advice, It was christmas eve. Dude on the phone tells me, "...Nah theres no such thing as electronic harassment. But check this out bro, (yes he said bro), if your computer begins yelling at you heres what you do. turn it off and unplug it. Keep it unplugged for 15 minutes. If you plug it in and your computers still yelling at you, its time to go to Best Buy dude, but hey man, have a good one, merry christmas." I swear on my mom he said those exact words. I was so dumbfounded I began to feel as if everything was going to remain completely hopeless as far as justice goes. But you get what you pay for. okay everyone. hope you liked, thanks for reading. like on facebook, share everywhere, get information out there. Experiences are research. Fact or not, lets agree with consistency.

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On 8/31/2017 at 8:32 AM, jaycub30 said:

So why do we hear the voices? i believe that we hear the voices because at some point in our life we began to isolate ourselves from society

Very true.  It's a void.  If you don't have real conversations with real friends, or at least listen to the news or the radio, etc., then your brain becomes "hyper-perceptive" and starts to hear voices or even have conversations all by itself.

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