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Been researching Lite Beer vs real Beer, here is what I found: Although variable with brand, Lite (Light) beer has reduced alcohol, reduced sugar (carbs) and less taste and is essentially dilute watered down beer. It is less satisfying stimulating a demand to drink more. It's popularity is not due to being a better product but to massive advertising targeting young people especially females who don't really like the taste of beer. For the industry the profit margin is enormous: less beer, more carbonated water, the drinker needs to consume more for the same effect and the price is the same.  DUH

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On 9/10/2017 at 9:39 AM, Shekinah said:

essentially dilute watered down beer.

Exactly.  Even the "real" beer they sell is always diluted down with water to a specific alcohol content. Consumers are not even allowed to taste the undiluted beer "as brewed."

Now beer has less (quite a bit less) alcohol than hard liquor, or even wine for that matter, but this does not seem to prevent people from getting drunk from beer. I'm wondering if the hops, which are added to the fermented barley ostensibly to "flavor" the beer, do not contribute considerably to the intoxicating effect.

Certain herbs and spices do have intoxicating or other mind-altering effects just as much as street drugs or pharmaceutical compounds do. Nutmeg is one such spice, and there is quite a bit of nutmeg in the Pumpkin Spice Latte they sell at Starbucks. I don't really like this situation, because in cases like this the nutmeg is being bred and GMO'd (or adulterated) for some intoxicating effect which would not even be noticeable in its natural state, rather than for the flavor of the spice.

It's like that GMO "sinsemilla" marijuana they sell as "locally grown" pot in Alaska, even though it is actually smuggled in up the West Coast, via I-5, I-15, and even waterborne and airborne routes clear from Sinaloa. That's the problem with the quasi-legal status of pot: in reality, the cartels deal it freely, whereas private individuals cannot even grow tomatoes or carrots in their own garden without being busted by the feds.

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