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Acid Attacks

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Four American college students are attacked with acid at France train station, authorities say

What's the world coming to? Female students, by the way. Male students no longer risk international.

They must have circumcised their boyfriends to deserve something like that!

No, really, that sort of thing does sound like Muslim extremist terrorism, of the sort that has really taken hold in France.

>>>La Provence, a newspaper in Marseille, reported that police described the attacker as mentally unstable and that she remained at the scene to show officers pictures of herself with burns. Authorities did not release her name.<<<

That secondary link is worth following. Some evocative language. (Their French is worse than mine, and mine is abysmal!)

>>>De source policière, on évoque le geste d'une déséquilibrée qui est restée sur place après son geste et a exhibé des photos d'elle-même la présentant avec des brûlures. L'auteur des faits âgée de 41 ans a été interpellée par la police et placée en garde à vue.<<<

  • Most strikingly, there is no suspect, no "alleged" perpetrator. Just "l'auteur des faits" -- "the one who did the deed(s)." Upon the mere suggestion of the police, let alone probable cause, due process, and proof beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Then the grammatical gender shifts incorrectly from that of the noun "auteur" (always masculine in grammatical gender) to that of a woman of a certain age who was interrogated by the police, and detained for observation. (The suspect's age and sex at that point become more grammatically relevant to the reporter than the facts of the story.)
  • The reporter doesn't even use the word "femme" -- the French term of usual respect for a woman -- but  "une déséquilibrée" -- "an unbalanced one" -- the conspicuously feminine form of the word -- an extremely derogatory term for an allegedly mentally ill woman.

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