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A very common MtF transgender insult. Hate speech.

I get this a lot from self-entitled Hispanic illegal immigrant bitches who tend to use the term in general to insult "customers" whom they perceive not to be of their race or sex.

The worst: "Can I help you, Sir?" [with quite an unnecessary heavy emphasis on the Sir.]

May I correct your grammar, you stupid subservient bitch? That would be "May I help you, Sir?" -- if you are speaking to a man.

They are not addressing other women as "Ma'am," and they don't seem to be able to ask "May I help you?" or "Next customer, please," without the "Sir."

If you don't know English well enough to use the correct grammar and formal mode of speech that "Sir" implies, please do without it and serve your customers without the masculine honorific. And that goes for plenty of English-as-a-first-language-but-never-learned-it-well white bitches, too.

Listen up, you stupid criminal bitches with your self-entitled female privilege. For the last time, I am not having sex with you, I refuse to be sirred, and I want nothing to do with your stupid boyfriends, either. You will be punished one way or another for insulting me over and over again with your hate speech.

And it can't be that hard to learn English. Both the alphabet and a large fraction of the vocabulary of the English language, especially the words of a more learned or scientific nature, are of Latino origin.

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It's never enough, is it?

Not just the "Sir," but what that is refused, they pull the entire "hookers and blow" stunt straight out of D.C.

Say no to the hookers and blow, and they up the ante some more, and start getting creative. Steal my money little by little here and there and overcharge me for gas and food. Steal my ID and open various accounts in my name.

I've had many, many GMail accounts stolen by these creeps, male and female, with the total complicity of Google.

They just never quit. They are armed, organized, and hostile.

Ku Klux Klan inflitrated the FBI.

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People have many ways to express their hate, but "Sir" is the worst. Some combination of lesbophobia or transphobia, depending on their interpretation of gender. Usually followed by date rape drugs and sexual assault.

Gay men just aren't interested in me. Never have been. They're gay.

These men, on the other hand, are straight.  They want something "different" so they can exercise a more complete sexual domination over another body. They're sex offenders.

Straight women have never been interested in me, either.

Only bisexual or lesbian women. But I do not like the way they insist on maintaining their female privilege over me. They're looking for another female with a "beard," they resent being "outed," and they retaliate viciously in various ways for any perceived slight or failure to submit to them.

hate+sex, rather than love+sex

there is no pleasure in that, only pain

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