Life. This is the way.

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There is a way. There is a way in which you can get what it is that you want. A way that asks for no sacrifice. A way that will provide the security of knowing that your needs, and those of your family and friends, will always be met. A way that doesn't require you to take from another to gain for yourself. A way bursting with limitless potential and true meaning.

The way is a practical way. It doesn't ask of you to subscribe to any religion, nor to fight for any cause. It doesn't require you to give anything you don't want to give, nor to align yourself with any political party.

Within this document I will detail how you personally can achieve this. If you start today you will see real effects happen around you. Your life could be changed within 24 hours.

Before I explain how it works, please allow me to explain why it works. This will get a little philosophical, but please be patient with me as I am building the foundations in order that you will have a proper understanding of Life.

To understand why I must first explain what is 'good' or 'right', what is 'evil' or 'wrong', what is 'love', what is 'happiness' and what is 'fear'. The true understanding of these concepts makes it clear where we went wrong and what can be done about it.

'Love' is the easiest to explain. Love seems so difficult to define only because we insist of thinking it is the same for each and every one of us, and it is not. Love is receiving what you currently perceive yourself to be lacking. For individuals in first world countries love is usually synonymous with affection and care precisely because these aspects are missing, which was a side-effect of the competitive environment that lead to a surplus of wealth (competition discourages being kind without ulterior motive.) In those countries it is seen as distasteful to associate money with love. In poorer countries the people out of necessity help each other more and live together in larger groups, hence they are not striving for 'care' but may instead associate material wealth with love moreso than their first world counterparts. Even less subtle, domesticated dogs and cats often associate food with love. Love then, is to receive what it is that you want, that is what you are in want of, which is what is perceived to be lacking. The feeling of receiving what you are missing is what you call love. In practice it is a combination of things, as we perceive many things to be lacking. There is a second usage of the word 'love' which is the feeling of giving to another what we ourselves want, but giving is so closely related to receiving that we use the same word for both.

'Happiness' is similar to love, but less tangible. Love is to receive what you are missing whereas one can be happy just expecting to receive it or anticipating it. One can be happy if they have hope, even if they are lacking much, and one can be unhappy whilst receiving love if they feel hopeless. Happiness then, is more closely related to belief or expectation of receiving than it is to having what one wants. There is another meaning of happiness which is when one has received all that one wants, which could also be called contentment.

Fear is the expectation that something is going to be taken away, which includes the expectation of pain, with 'pain' being a general term for the feeling of something being taken (either physically or emotionally.)

The above definitions are of course semantics. It is closer to the truth to say that there instead exists the feeling of being in want, i.e. lacking something (misery or depression), the feeling of something being taken (pain), the feeling of expecting to lose something (fear), the feeling of expecting to receive (happiness or hope), the feeling of receiving what one is in want of (love or joy), and the feeling of not lacking anything which is to not be in want (happiness, peace or contentment). There is also the feeling of giving someone else what they want, or taking from another, but these are in reality the same thing as receiving what one wants but in disguise, for example: if I give something to you it's because I want to give it to you and so I'm getting what I want (love) or its because you are forcing me and so I perceive myself to be losing something (pain). The words 'love', 'happiness', etc. are used for multiple different feelings and circumstances, which is why we are so confused about what they are.

'Good' is then something that gives us what we want, or someone else what they want, without taking anything wanted away from another or from ourselves. 'Evil' or 'bad' is take what someone wants away from them, i.e. to force them to do something or give something up. This is clear from our own innate moral understanding: to share is good, to steal is bad. The feeling of bad is that of misery or pain, which is the feeling of having something taken away. The feeling of good is that of happiness and love, which is to have gained something. All of these words: good, bad, evil, love, happiness, misery, fear, depression, etc. simply describe states of losing or receiving something that we value.

But there's more. Humans are obsessed with the concept of good and evil, or 'right' and 'wrong', to the extent most our stories and movies are centered on the battle between these two concepts, usually personified in heroes and villains. The hidden-in-plain-sight tell here is that good always wins, and unless we're playing the Devil's advocate, in our hearts we always want good to win. Why? Because on an innate level we know that it is the only way. On first glance it might seem that taking from another is the surest way to get what it is we want, but our hearts say otherwise. We identify with heroes and rarely with villains. The reason for this is because it is in our personal selfish interest for good to win, just as much as it is in our mutual shared interest for good to win. On close examination the two: selfish and selfless, turn out to be the same thing, as I will explain.

To make sense of this I must first explain what independence is. Many people believe if they accept a 'hand out' (a gift) from another that they are losing independence. When one refuses a gift it is equivalent to having taken from someone else. Why? Because that person wanted to give the gift and by not accepting it you are stopping them from getting what they want. Yet those same people who call themselves independent are dependent on their jobs to be able to feed themselves. Even then they do not grow the food they are eating, nor make the clothes they are wearing. There was a mutual exchange and a mutual exchange is not independence, it is co-dependence. Those who made the clothes did not grow the cotton. Those who grew the cotton did not invent cotton, nor make the sun shine, nor the clouds rain. Independence is a myth. The entire universe is one giant system of mutual co-dependence: there would be no animals without plants, there would be no life without the Earth, there would be no Earth without the sun, and no sun without the galaxy. All of this, that is everything that has not been seized by humans, is free. Sunlight is free. Rain is free. Air is free. Time is free. Our life itself depends on these things and we'd die in one moment without them. No one is independent, to be independent would be to be dead.

Independence is death because it separates us from the people and things we depend on for our survival and that likewise depend on us. Is co-dependence then life? Yes. This here is the key to understanding life itself.

One branch is weak, but tie together 10 branches and they are strong. One man in a fight against 10 stands little chance of winning. Co-dependence is power. Creatures combine into groups for their mutual strength and survival, such as: herds of sheep, packs of wolves, schools of fish. And what of these groups? These groups then act as if the group itself was a lifeform. An easy example of this is that of a colony of bacteria: the colony is made up of millions of individuals but they act together as one. A single bacterium has little chance of survival, but as a group they are strong enough to attack lifeforms billions of times their size. A colony of bacteria can move, multiply and need sustenance to survive; as if the colony itself were a single organism. A virus we consider to be one of the most simple forms of life, no one would consider an individual virus to have any more than the most basic of intelligence, if any. And yet a rabies infection consisting of millions of viruses acting together influences the behavior of the host making it more aggressive so that it will bite another animal, which spreads the virus and ensures its continued survival even after it has sucked all the life out of its host. This is intelligence way beyond that capable of an individual virus. Millions of viruses acting together make an infection that not only combines their strength but results in intelligent behavior that none of the individuals possess. Modern science has isolated individual viruses and studied them, which is why we think of them as infections of millions of individuals working together, but that is the perspective of a microscope. What we see with our eyes on our own perspective is someone infected with an invisible entity that sucks their life out of them and manipulates their behavior in an attempt to infect others. In the old days they called that an evil spirit or a demon, now we call it a viral infection, but these are just different labels for the same thing: in the past they described the group as the organism, now we describe the individual of that group as the organism. Even fear itself consumes energy, grows the more it is fed and attempts to spread itself from host to host; fear could itself be considered a type of organism, as could love or hope or even success.

And what of a human? We describe a human as being one organism. It is commonly considered that a human is like a machine in which each component, or organ, is part of the machine and can do only what it is told to do. Different parts of the body are not separate lifeforms that are working together, or so we are told. Yet experience shows otherwise. Auto-immune disease is a condition in which part of the body attacks other parts which could only happen if those parts had some form of independent intelligence. Addiction causes one to fight themselves over something they both want and don't want at the same time. How could one organism have two or more conflicting opinions? Yet we often do. The biggest giveaway is that it is possible for one person to have multiple personalities. And we all know that the brain and the heart can have a serious disagreement that rattles the entire body. Machines don't do this; machines can't do this. The reason why a human is considered one entity, and a colony of bacteria a group of many entities, is because bacteria is less co-dependent. The organs of the human body are seriously co-dependent in that almost all of them are needed for the mutual survival of the whole, which is you. Remove one and the whole thing dies, but that does not mean that the different organs are not operating with independent choice, it means only that they are dependent on one another. If your left hand starting acting of its own accord, which can happen, it's called alien hand syndrome, then you'd make great efforts to suppress it. Knowing this your left hand does what it is told, or more correctly: it wants to do what is best for the entire body because that is also what is best for it. What you are is a group of small entities that exist in a mutual co-dependent relationship resulting in a body and an intelligence which is greater than the sum of its parts. And these parts? They themselves are made of smaller parts, which are made of smaller parts in turn. And humans together? We are part of an even larger organism, but we don't know that, just as in auto-immune disease the part of the body that is attacking the body doesn't itself know that it is hurting itself by attacking its neighbors.

And so you see that life itself is mutual co-dependence, and co-dependence itself is working together, and working together is good because there is more for all. Life is good. Sharing is good. And evil? Taking things from others is bad because doing so is not in your best interest, because you are hurting something on which you yourself depend, which will destroy the whole and cause devolution of that organism into lesser parts, all of which will be weaker and all of which will have less because of it. You exist as a human because your organs are working together; the day they stop working together you will die. We have cars and planes and computers and society all because of people working together, which has resulted in an abundance of material wealth and technology for all way beyond what any of us could achieve independently.

And this is why good always wins. Good always wins because power can only be obtained by working together, and working together is the definition of good and the key to life itself. In the end good must win because working together, which is good, results in greater strength, life and intelligence, whilst being independent (out for oneself), which is the definition of evil, results in weakness and eventual death.

But if strength can only come from good then why is there any evil at all? While evil is independence, or taking from others for one's own gain, evil can only gain power by pretending to be good and playing along for a while in mutual co-dependence. A person can gain power by lying and manipulating other people into following them, which gives them strength because they are working together, at least for now. At some point the person realizes that they can gain even more power quickly by taking from others instead of giving, this works temporarily but then results in a downward spiral until they are discovered and expelled, or until their corruption deteriorates the system to the point of collapse, at which point they die along with the system they corrupted and on which they are dependent. And hence: evil can never win; at worst it can kill itself.

It is possible at this point to throw away the words good and evil and instead say that there is union, which is life, strength, intelligence and power, and then independence which is weakness and death. Alternatively one could say that only evil exists and then working together is simply the winning strategy for getting what one wants that just so happens to be nice for everyone else too due to a convenient design of reality. Or one could say that only good exists and that evil is an interpretation of the process of corruption which is part of the process of evolving from one form into a greater one (e.g. a caterpillar into a butterfly.) Any of these perspectives can be considered valid, but I will continue using the terms of good and evil as they are more familiar to us.

Now we get to the way. The only way there is. The way is entirely natural and it is what you've always wanted but for some reason never managed to put into practice. It is not a new way, but an old way. It is the way we began with and the way we must return to. It is the way of the universe. It is the way of Life. If you follow this way your needs for survival, support and happiness will always be met.

I will use the terms 'group' and 'union' interchangeably.

1. Find 6 - 12 neighbors or friends (including yourself) that you know personally. Have them read this. This is called an Alpha (level 1) union, each person in an Alpha group is also called an Alpha. (The use of Greek letters: alpha, beta, etc., is because it's less confusing than saying level 1, level 2, etc. There is no deeper meaning to it.)

2. Each person in the union is bound together in mutual support for their wants and needs, they are a family. When one member is in trouble they can call on any of the others, who will come to their aid. They do not have to come to the aid of the other but they agree to do so if it is not inconvenient, as one must first look after themselves before they can another.

3. The group appoints the member they consider to be the most responsible/wise to be their head. This person is Beta (level 2.) The head is in charge of organizing the group, group meetings or events, and is the main point of call if any of the members need help.

4. Once a month each person in the group promises to the head resources that they would be prepared to donate to group and greater group if needed (the head also promises to themselves.) This could be money but it doesn't have to be, it can also be skills, time, influence or a combination of. These resources are not given, they are only promised that they would be given if needed. There is no pool, no bank account; if promised resources are not used that month then they are not used, they do not stack up.

And just like that you have a group of people who now support and care for one another in times of trouble. Depending on the wants of the group promised resources could be used only for emergencies, or some or all resources that are not used for emergencies could be used to have a party or for events that make the group happy. It is the head's responsibility to ensure the members of their group are happy and have their needs met. However, while it is nice if the head checks up on the members, it is ultimately the responsibility of each member to request help if needed.

5. The head themselves is Beta and seeks out other Betas, which are the heads of neighboring groups. Together 6 - 12 Betas combine into one Beta union, following precisely the same premise.

6. As with the Alpha union, the Beta union then elects the member they consider to be the most responsible/wise to be their head. This person is Gamma. Note that they are also Alpha and Beta at the same time, their responsibility to their Alpha group as the head of that group is not diminished.

7. Precisely the same agreement is in place between the Beta union as the Alpha union. The Betas can call on each other to help and appeal to their Gamma head for help. Each promises resources to their head. The resources that the Betas are pledging to their Gamma head should be roughly half of what they themselves received as promises from their own Alpha group. For example, an Alpha group consists of 10 members who each promise $20 and 6 hours per month to their Beta head. It would be reasonable for that Beta to promise $100 and 30 hours to their Gamma head since that is half of what was promised to them. This does not mean that half of the Alpha union's resources goes to help the Betas to take for themselves. What this means is that if any one of the Alpha unions cannot support their needs with their own resources, their Beta head will ask for help from their own Gamma head, who will allocate resources from the promises they received from the Beta group. The effect is that if your union cannot support itself, a neighboring union supports you.

8. Likewise the Gamma then seeks for other Gammas, forms a Gamma union, elects a Delta head, and so on. The entire world's population can fit in only 10 levels. That means it would take only 10 phone calls for the surplus resources of the entire world to come to your cause in times of trouble. Less in most cases, since the structure means the neighboring unions always help first if they can.

To get started this is all you need to know: see some friends, show them this document, agree to support one another in times of strife, and elect a head. If you find yourself the head then do the same thing on the next level. This simple way naturally forms into an upside-down pyramid structure providing all members with unprecedented support from their local and greater community. This system as a whole is called Life. It is how your body operates, it is how all life operates.

Below I will provide more specific details to questions you might have.

What requests can be made of the union?
Perhaps a hole need to be dug. Perhaps there's been a hurricane and a city is destroyed. Perhaps someone is feeling lonely. Perhaps someone doesn't have enough money to pay their rent. Perhaps you really, really need to have a party. Perhaps you've run out of sugar. Any request can be made.

How do the promises get used?
If someone is in need they appeal to their head, if the request is reasonable and the head has enough promises to cover then they instruct the other members of the same union to provide the resources necessary, as promised. If the promises are not enough then the head appeals to their own head, who has several times the promises. If that's not enough that head appeals to their own, and so on. Each having more than the former. All heads in the chain up and down coordinate to send the resources to the union that made the original appeal. If money is involved it should be transferred from the promiser directly to the appealer, there is usually no need for it to be passed between heads when it can be sent directly, and the more people it goes through the more likely it is to go missing.

When should a request for help be refused?
When an appeal for help is made to a head the member is presenting a problem for which the head is expected to find a solution. The member does not request resources of the head, they present their problem and the head then finds a solution. The solution might be providing resources, or it might not be. If someone is asking for money because they don't have a job the correct solution would be to find them a job and ensure in the meantime that they have food to eat and somewhere to stay, giving this person money directly would not help them to help themselves. Often when someone thinks they are in a dire situation they are themselves causing the situation, in these cases the head should not enable them but attempt to help them stop causing trouble for themselves. It is the responsibility of the head to make these judgement calls, but they can ask their own head for advice if they're unsure.

Isn't this open to abuse?
Yes but it's not detrimental to Life as a whole. Below I'll provide more details of what happens in cases where someone makes an attempt to take from the system without giving, which will happen. But on the base level if someone starts asking for help from others in cases where they could have helped themselves, e.g. they expect their rent to be paid for them and make no attempt to pay it themselves, then such a person will be expelled from the group by their head. It's the boy who cried wolf, they can get away with it maybe once or twice but such a person will quickly be caught and then no help will come when they truly need it. Remember that every member personally knows one another and so not only is there great social pressure not to abuse, but it will quickly become obvious when someone does. This is where personal judgement comes in, there are no hard and fast rules to what is and what is not acceptable, and there doesn't need to be; we know when something is wrong.

Does every member have to give the same promise?
It's up to the head what promises they accept. Some heads might want everyone to put in the same amount, others might ask for different promises from different people depending on their means. If the member disagrees with what is asked of them they can join another union or form a new one. If they can't make the required promise then the head can expel them from the group and they can join another with lower requirement.

Can additional requests by made for promise by the head to the members?
Yes, in more serious emergencies if there is not enough promise it makes sense for the head to ask if anyone is willing to increase their promise. In very serious emergencies the head can call all members into immediate action.

How much is it recommended to promise?
One can promise whatever they are comfortable with, however little or much this may be. Time can be promised, money, skills, information, anything. Because a promise does not have to be given if it is needed by the member themselves it makes sense to give as much as you can. The more everyone gives, the more everyone gets. Within Life there is no need to save for a rainy day because when it rains on you there will always be someone else to help.

What if someone promises what they cannot give?
This will happen and it's OK. One promises what they can give, but circumstances change. If an Alpha promised 10 hours but then something comes up then they can explain to their head that they are sorry they can't fulfil their promise, that's OK, it can come from elsewhere. The same is true of Betas in Beta groups, whilst they promised half of their own promises to their Gamma head, it might be that this month they did have to use all of their promise for their Alpha union. It's OK. Everyone's first allegiance is always to their Alpha union. It can come from elsewhere.

What if someone deliberately lies about how much they can promise?
It will probably happen, but it's OK too. After the second or third time they've been unable to meet their promise their head will get suspicious and on not being able to provide evidence such a person will be expelled. Life is not damaged by this, the resources would have come from somewhere else anyway.

What if someone becomes part of a Delta group, either by lying or honestly, and then lies about needing lots of money for a phony cause, then keeps it?
This may well happen but it does not harm Life as a whole. Heads are responsible for validating requests and no one has to give their promise if they disagree with its usage. Evidence of necessity can be asked for if one is suspicious, if the evidence cannot be provided then don't give the promise. Sooner or later the rogue will be caught and expelled from the system. There are still more than enough resources in the system for everybody to be happy. And why do it? It's a massive risk because getting caught results in expulsion while playing honestly results in all your needs being met.

What if the most powerful heads collude into stealing from the majority?
That's the system we already have. The structure I am describing here is a reset back to the original design. In order to achieve this every member of the pyramid must themselves become corrupted into believing in independence because it requires their continuous compliance and support of the corrupt heads, which they themselves appointed and continue to follow. If some believe the lies and some don't you'd end up with two pyramids and the corrupt one would itself die, leaving the good pyramid standing and healthy. It'd be a long and slow process; this circumstance is not something that you need to worry about for a few thousand years, and when it does happen the whole thing will be reset again. It's how evolution works: the phoenix is reborn from its ashes more beautiful than before.

Can new members join an existing union?
Yes, at any time a new member can join an existing union if accepted by the head. If a group is at 12 or over 12 members it can and should split into two groups, which means a second head is elected.

Is there a minimum and maximum number of members in any union?
The ideal is between 6 and 12, but this is a guideline not a rule. Too many and it'd be difficult to maintain contact and have a personal relationship, which weakens the group, likewise for too few members. 12 is a magic number because 12 spheres of equal size fit perfectly around a central sphere of the same size in 3D space. The same is true for 6 circles around a 7th in 2D space.

What should the election process be to appoint a head?
The nature of Life means that it is not important what process is used in order to decide on a head. It should be obvious to the group who is the wisest of them. Groups can decide on their own election process. Or a would-be head can advertise for members. If a group appoints a head that some members are unhappy with, the unhappy members should make their own group or join another group with a different head. No one should follow a head that they don't believe has their best interests at heart.

Can heads take expenses?
In some cases it would be reasonable for a head to take expenses from promised funds. It would make sense for the head to use their own promise for this first. If members disagree with the use of the promise they don't have to give it, which also means they leave this union and find another.

Can higher groups such as Delta groups use promise for larger projects?
Yes they can. Delta groups naturally end up representing forms of villages or towns in which they might want to use what has been promised to build a library or a school, for example. There is no concern that promise will be taken from where it is needed on the Alpha level when it is used like this because promises are only claimable by higher groups if not already used by the Alpha group, meaning that only surplus promise is ever used for larger projects. The needs of Alpha members are always looked after first and foremost.

Can members leave a union?
At any time a member can leave a union and join any other.

Can a head give up their role?
Yes, and then the group should elect a new leader, or alternatively disband and find other unions.

Can a head be removed?
Yes and no. If the members agree that they want to elect a new head then they can do so whenever. It doesn't matter if the current head disagrees because all or some members have just made a new union with their new head, and have withdrawn all promises from the existing head. So whether the existing head agrees or not is irrelevant. If they do agree then they can become an Alpha again in the new union, or if they disagree then they are now a head with no followers, which is a head with no body.

What if a Beta head is abandoned by his/her Alpha members, but they are already part of a Beta union themselves, do they lose their membership in the Beta union?
Yes or no. If the Beta is abandoned they now have no promises and so they can likely no longer provide a promise that would be acceptable to their Gamma head, unless they put up their own personal resources, if not they will be unable to fulfil their promise and so be expelled from the Beta group. If the Beta doesn't tell their Gamma head that they can no longer make the promise then they are a liar, and will be eventually discovered and expelled, but in the meantime this does not damage the structure, the help will come from another when it is needed, as it would have done anyway.

Does that mean anyone can join a Beta or Gamma union if they put up their own resources, even if they are not themselves a head?
Yes it does. That's not a problem. The average Beta or Gamma union requires more promise to be a member than Alpha unions do, but if an individual has personal time and resources enough to join directly then they may do so. No harm comes of it, they are after all pledging more resources which would go help those in need. However, the only motive to individually joining a Beta, Gamma or further union directly is to give more and to be part of that family. It does not give any benefits unless that union consists of people similar to yourself and you want to be part of that. You do not get more by being in a Beta or Gamma union, help is always provided to the extent that it is needed no matter where you are in Life.

Does this mean that levels can be skipped?
Yes. A Beta leader can join a Delta group directly, skipping Gamma, if they want to. The only reason to do so would be if their Alpha group promised a lot and the neighboring Beta groups were requiring so much less that it made sense to skip a level.

Can a member of an Alpha group start their own group?
Yes. That's fine. They can do so and stay within their own Alpha group, even though they are now also a Beta of another group. Or they can join a new Beta union and leave their original Alpha union.

So one person can be a member of multiple unions?
Yes, it just means they will have to promise more and joining too many unions would be difficult to maintain. If they are unable to give the time and resources then they will likely be expelled from some of the unions by those heads. It makes sense to be in multiple unions with likeminded people with similar causes, such as a neighborhood union for those that live in the same area, a tennis union for people who support tennis, and a women in business union, for example. You might be Beta in your neighborhood union, but Alpha in your tennis union.

So in theory a Beta could join multiple Alpha unions as an Alpha instead of or in addition to joining a Beta union?
Correct, but it's not advantageous.

If an Alpha can have their own union, and anyone can join a Beta or Gamma union if they can make the required promise, then doesn't that mean the levels are meaningless?
Correct, no one really knows how many people are following any other person. So the terms Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc. are undefined and don't really tell you anything. A person's power is what they can promise, they can be anywhere in the pyramid and have any number of people above them or below them, and they can be in the pyramid multiple times in different places. You would never know.

How do we know how many levels are in the pyramid?
It's impossible to tell, even the Omega, the head of heads, doesn't know. Neither would knowing have any advantage.

So there is one Omega head at the end of the pyramid?
Yes, this is the person who was consistently appointed head every time and so represents the end of the pyramid, and the design means there will always be one of these people. But nobody knows who that person is, except that person. That person is the only person who doesn't have a head themselves, and that's how they know they are the Omega. This person can also change multiple times without anyone ever knowing. For the most part there will be multiple smaller pyramids each with their own peaks, but as these seek each other out and combine into each other there will eventually be only one pyramid with one Omega. The role of the Omega is not different to that of any other head and if something happens to this person or they step down it makes no difference to anything, someone else just steps up.

This sounds very complicated. Where do I start?
It sounds complicated if you try to consider the whole, but each individual's part is very simple. The complications naturally work themselves out and the structure grows and self-organizes. While the entire pyramid can perform intelligent and complex actions, this happens naturally. Each person only does their small part, each small part being easy to understand and fulfil. All you need to do is start an Alpha union and appoint a head, everything else happens by itself.

What if I have more questions?
Use your own judgement or ask your head. If your head is not sure they can ask theirs; the heads get wiser and wiser as they ascend.

The structure outlined here is that of Life, it is the strongest structure possible and will withstand all attempts to defeat it. As long as there is at least 1 person who follows Life, as long as there is 1 good person in the world, good will dominate. Good always wins.

The symbol of Life is a triangle, an upside-down pyramid. The sign of Life is the forefinger and middle finger outstretched, representing that symbol, the peace or V sign.

The choice is yours. Choose Life and be part of the new world, or choose death and go down with the sinking ship.

Spread the word.

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