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Who Created God?

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In the quintessence, the Universe (Cosmos) around us is the manifestation of divinity. This applies to the visible universe as well as the invisible one, which escapes our direct cognition. Everything that exists, what we can and cannot perceive with our senses, is the “emanation" of God. In order to avoid certain philosophical statements, we can imagine that everything that surrounds us is some kind of a homogeneous divine material, i.e. God.

To achieve a better understanding and awareness of what this material (substance) really is, we have to start with some kind of definition related the concept of the Absolute. In the esoteric conception of God, we should differentiate between the impersonal Absolute that contains within itself all the grounds for its existence, and its manifestation (the discussed material) - Creator God (Supreme Being, Logos) - see the book: Peter Rawan, The Kingdom of Heaven in the Spiritual Vision of Rudolf Steiner (on Amazon)



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First question: the bible states that God created everything from the beginning. And on the sixth day, he created man, who could have recorded all the things he did from day 1 to day 5? I don't recall anything from the bible that God told the story to his prophets, or I guess  I haven't read enough of the holy scripture. Can there be really an explanation where God came from? Surely evil came from the angels that rebelled against God because God created them with free will. Therefore, we can conclude that God also created evil, right? Is it possible that God did not foresee that when he created the angel Lucifer, that the angel would turn his back on Him? I'm no bible genius, I don't know the details but that was how I knew it. Funny, I think it was Lucifer who said that '' ..and the truth shall set you free...'', I think Lucifer realized the simple truth that he will just forever be a servant and that set him free, don't you think? 

Second question: If God created all life, could he also ''uncreate'' it? Let's say he wasn't satisfied on his work or he forgot something to imbue on his creations, surely he could send a great flood or any natural calamity to destroy his creations but, couldn't he just take it back on a whim? or by just a snap pf his fingers? wouldn't that be less traumatizing and less violent?

Third question: Is God bound by any laws? I think that he couldn't just ''uncreate'' anything he doesn't like. He just destroys it violently and start from scratch..what do you think?


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personally i reject abrahamic religions as 'true'..the gnostics cosiderered the these religions as satanic and the world(god) is evil.

in hermetizm they believed they same but that the world was 'good' and it is man that was evil.


have you ever wondered why abrahamic religions treat women like crap(not so much today except islam)i suggest it is because the ancient godess sophia 'means'; wisdom...and abrahamic religion rejects true wisdom(philosophy/math), is all about master and slave domination and damns you to hell,demand blood sacrifice such as issac/or issael in the koran.sounds like the opposite of god too me.obviously man created abrahamic religions.


if we look at what religions where about pre-abrahamizm they were nothing like the that.this history has nearly be wiped from the plant thanks to TPTB=the old world order!.....they declare anything they dont like as heresy!.


Not suprisingly the 'ancient' religions all got along,they where philosophical,WISDOM!they studied EVERYTHING! although it has survived.the greeks stand out the most to me,plato.for example"neo-platoism"also pythagoras'pythagorean'.the carthers,mitharizm(did u know christianity is juda and mitharizm,made made by st paul)?

the list is endless.


has anyone considered 'god' is uncreated..or rather creating himself...Becoming god...and we are all part of 'god'and we are all contributing to becoming greater.to learn and understand its own exsistance itself...just like we are..

We have all heard about satan and lucifer but then who is ABRAXAS?


if we are looking for 'god' answers i think the we need to look at what was going on before abraham appeared.

the religions of philosophy....'thrice great hermes" and or the "emerald tablets"


i think you will discover what religion once was.....you decide

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Analysis destroys.


To Analyze creation is to destroy the miracle and magic of life.

Dissecting things to see how they work destroys them.


The bible states GOD is love.

It takes more than one to love!

Love has no gender, personification, nor can it be contained, labeled, or defined.

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Who created God? Good question.


People don't seam to think to much these days. If People think a bit about the Big Bang or the singularity. The idea of a creator becomes a bit more realistic,

when you think about the time that was before the Big Bang. What do you really know?


All that science can ever cover, is all about what it can observe about finite.  Does anyone know what finite is??


Many say that before the Big Bang there was not time. Or that finite came from nothingness.  Do People even consider what time that is?


What kinda of time would nothingness have? You have no Clue do you?

But it is easy to know what time it would have if you just gave it a thought.


Nothingness would have an absolute constant time line. That is the same as if there was no time at all.  You cant disagree With that??


What do you know about the infinite?

You probably don't know much about the infinite, because everyone tells you that you dont have the brains to know what it is. So that is all you know about the infinite.

You are being told that you don't have to brain capacity to know" right"?  So that is it PERIOD. So you don't have to give it a thought.


Just to state this means that this person knows more than you about the infinite,  and will probably correct you if you give it a try. And to top it of; he/she knows more about you than you do Yourself.  What are the odds of that being right? Pretty slim if you ask me.



If you People just know how to think. This topic would be a walk over.

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We have all the evidence that the gods of Egypt, who were the first recorded [ pyramid texts ]

were not nice and a son named Seth, was gay and took a liking to the buttocks of the young

boy - horus. The devil was later based on Seth.


Ra would mass murder any who 'talked evil words about him'.


And the Majesty of Ra, said: - " Behold, they have
 betaken themselves to flight into the mountain lands,
 for their hearts are afraid because of the words which
 they have uttered."
 Then the gods spake in the presence of his Majesty,
saying: - "Let thine Eye go forth and let it destroy
 for thee those who revile thee with words of evil,
for there is no eye whatsoever that can go before it
 and resist thee and it when it journeyeth in the
 form of Hathor."
Thereupon this goddess went forth and slew the men
 and the women who were on the mountain (or, desert land).
And the Majesty of this god said, "Come, come in peace,
O Hathor, for the work is accomplished.''
Then this goddess said, "Thou hast made me to live,
 for when I gained the mastery over men and women it
 was sweet to my heart;" and the Majesty of Ra said,
 "I myself will be master over them as [their] king,
 and I will destroy them."

And it came to pass that Sekhet of the offerings
 waded about in the night season in their blood,
 beginning at Suten-henen.


This formed the root of paganism and christiantiy.

It is all hidden in the symbology of the church and

easier to see, in freemasonry.



These were not gods , but i trust they were escaped

criminals from another world, who exploited the kings,

who exploited us.


Nothing has changed other than those escaped

criminals have been removed by the good external race{s}.

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I do trust that royalty was not alone during the last cycle [ 10,000BC - 500AD ]


Royalty was duped and trusted everything they were told by Ra [ external race ]


Around the time of christ, Ra and his gang was removed, im sure and we see this

with the 'removal' of paganism.


'Friends' of Ra have been helping royalty, but under the constant fear of the 'good ones'

who are watching over us.


The quicker we all wake up to the illuminati, the quicker the friends of Ra are taken care

of and the quicker we remove the illuminati, with the help of the 'good ones',

who will then show themselves ,knowing we are all awake and will not side with the illuminati


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As a Gnostic Christian, I think of all the Gods as myths and that we should all look at them that way until we can internalize one of the myths and use it to activate our pineal gland and thus open our higher mind. My apotheosis taught me that whatever God we find should be thought of as an ideal but that we should reset the bar of our expectation and seek anew. Gnostic Christians are perpetual seekers even after apotheosis.

This clip is how we see all religions starting.



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No one can say that!

Coz god made you! You wasn't made god! If you made? then you can say I, but God made you! Only god can say that...! And if not then ask when you die coz God will be waiting for you in a heaven gat! God will give you a plain paper there will be readen like this TICK THE CORRECT ANSWER and if you pass in gat then maybe you will get answer [who made god] :-/

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God created man and man is the ALPHA or the ALPHA wavelength.

The condition of GOD, a symbolic review of O a circle, and how a circle created the PHI condition (I) symbol as the yodh....hand of God.

O and forming the loss of sound spirals into a G, to form an O, to then split into D and D.

D given the English review of value 500.

DD - 1000 the condition review of the Christ Heavenly spirit against Satan 1000.

Occultism, a review of acts in creation to gain powers in creation.

The ancient occult practice involved Temples, the Pyramids, and also nuclear dust, called holy dust.

The ancient spiritual gain of occult awareness was gained in a somatic chemical brain change image and interaction, where radiation light sound awareness gave the human Shaman information to the levitation practice of stone.

Yet the condition of a natural Earth and a natural life, does not include levitating stone....for levitating stone takes the natural stone fusion of Earth away from its fusion, and life and nature then gets irradiated by a changed atmospheric/heavenly wavelength interaction that eventuates into the destruction of natural life and the natural cell replacement condition...or cell healing.  This was why the attack on spirit was a human male review that eventuated as the condition called Christ and the realization to the holiness of the Heavenly water and oxgyen mass replacement as a life condition, and the loss of Christ that caused the gain of the spiritual attack called stigmata, as personal realization to the evil of occultism itself.

Therefore human males, the highest consciousness living naturally on Planet Earth one day decided to do evil, and apply occultism.  This is why we all knew that occultism is an evil act, chosen and applied by a human male for all of his own purposes.

Therefore occultism is against the natural spiritual life of all Nature on Planet Earth.

A male proposed this occult review about the condition of GOD that formed the ALPHA MAN as an occult review, that previously was considered via ancient documents called the Book of the Dead.  The Bible was an updated spiritual attack review called Revelations, or what was revealed to the human life by the occult practice as a spiritual attack upon life.

Therefore there was never a beginning and there was never an end.

The begining of the end was a review of why a body of the atmosphere had been VOIDED......gone as a removal/act of destruction/loss of a holy spiritual presence.

Therefore the review had to factor the reasons for the VOID of the atmosphere being gained....what caused it and why it was caused as a condition review called cause and effect.

The occult review knew that if any of the families of SION....of stone's own natural crystal fusion were changed, then so too was the Book of Life.  They gained this awareness only because they had changed the natural FUSION of stone's matter and were attacked therefore they ended the review with the statement and advice that if any fusion is changed on Earth, the spiritual life is removed.  This is what the Revelations revealed to the reviewers of the spiritual life attack.

The Book of Life was a self realized DNA attack, or a changed condition of brain chemistry, mind changes, human DNA de-evolution and also spiritual attacks.

Therefore the human being realization, DO NOT DO OCCULTISM for evil is the actual change to the natural earth stone fusion HOLY DUST, or NUCLEAR DUST.

This is the reason why our life is now being attacked by the physical cell changes, the brain chemical changes, the nature of our spiritual life and also the phenomena involved as spiritual evil manifestations.  Manifestation can only occur when the natural nuclear constant evolving/changing radiation light sound is held unnaturally in a fixed constant.

A fixed constant does not allow for the evolution of energy to evolve and be replaced....so energy begins to diminsh in life on Earth and out of our atmosphere until it is realized that it is lost....and it is always too late to consider the loss, when it never should have been changed in the first place.

The Bible is not a book about creation, it is a book about the realizations of occult practices itself and how it changed life and the state of natural creation on Earth.

Therefore the review began in the astral removal of a preceding astral body or atmospheric mass that was now gone.  The same condition is what modern nuclear power plants have caused.....a huge removal of a previous energy body in our atmosphere that now voided the atmosphere.  This is notified by the amount of carbon...or the remaining burnt body of the previous energy body removal, and atmosphere thinning from a non replacement of energy.

The review noted that in the beginning the body once existing in the 0 state of peace was now void as the returning/amassing/spiritual birth and regain....gone...the spirit destroyed and murdered by the occult application of crossing the spirit of wood.

A review or cause and effect consideration has to be calculated first....data proven by evidence of past O historical records in time 12 in light....activation sequences of attacks involving natural disaster activation, plague inheritance, pestilence inheritance, celll changes, spiritual murder, spiritual attacks by historical evidence as DATA itself.

The historical evidence quantified that the holy heavenly spirit of CHRIST...oxgyen regeneration had been stopped, the spirit murdered and the holy birth and the condition for spiritual return stopped as the evidence of the murder.  The Christ birth did not continue as its own ownership of spiritual inheritance or atmospheric amassing, or spiritual returns....oxygen amassing or oxygen regeneration.   Instead the Christ review stated that the birth of Christ returning 0 factored to be Jesus as a spiritual return to GOD, was then murdered as Jesus...and Christ the spirit amassing/regeneration never returned.....instead it had disappeared when the stone rolled back.

Only the deceased spirit of Jesus returned to God instead of CHRIST returning as the condition of amassing/heavenly spirit replacement.

The ALPHA MAN condition was therefore not returned to its natural mass.

The meaning of stone rolling back is a condition that states stone....fused as a timed nuclear condition of SION....FUSION was changed changing nuclear time in the ALPHA STONE condition and energy in stone removed, and light a condition of holiness belonging to 12 no longer existed as the condition of its holy heavenly light.  Instead an unholy light in Heaven took its place.

This is why the Christ Revelations stated that the Earth as a Mother was abominated as a review, the Veil as the Mother in the Heavenly body was abominated and so was the Nature on Earth abominated as a personal spiritual review done by the Christian philosophical spiritual movement who began their spiritual advice in the Jewish community vying for the cessation of occultism....or nuclear dust conversion.

This meant that the heavenly spiritual wavelength for cell replacement...cell healing had also been changed, as the loss of the Mother.

This factual nuclear alpha evidence happened in the removal of the heavenly veil by the Fatima realization....the irradiation of the children who gave the channeled spiritual advice of a changed heavenly body by introduction of new burnt windows....HE (hebrew window) EL God....God's window burnt/changed.


The revelations of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his sevants things which must shortly come to pass, and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John.

Who bare record of the word of God and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and all of things that he saw.

This statement demonstrates that a human male in the testimony that he gave as the Jesus Christ, saw all witnesses of spiritual attacks, and that Jesus Christ became the first begotten of the dead (1.5).

The statement regarded Christ, and the spiritual condition that loved us by a spiritual determined review that it washed us from our sins (being attacked by Satan the evil spirit who caused sin), in his own blood....ALPHA MAN condition as the holy heavenly condition of CHRIST.

In the condition of the returns (6) made us Kings and priests unto God and not the Christ ALPHA...therefore human and natural life inherited the spiritual attack instead of the CHRIST ALPHA MAN, as a spiritual body of CHRIST had been removed in the ALPHA that had been interacting at the ground level with natural life.  The statement states...behold he cometh with clouds, and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him, and all kindreds of the Earth shall wail because of him.

As the angelic image of angels appeared in the clouds as the message of warning about the spiritual attack and spiritual murder of the firstborn (alpha condition) MODERN DAY occultism is also murdering the CHRIST ALPHA spirit, the only ALPHA left.  The nuclear condition has replaced the angelic image with the UFO ship bodies in cloud formation.

Due to the Christ holy spirit removal happening, the return of seeing or the unholy eye of the Beast is inherited instead in the act of abominating the natural life on Earth...as the act of holding the unholy constant return of 6....666 the Beast.

The Alpha and Omega condition, the beginning and ending occurs, the Almighty is yet to come.  The Revelations then document the occultist results of causing a nuclear reaction in the atmosphere (UFO condition) attacking life.

The review considered the conditions of altering nuclear fusion

The revelations state (1.19) write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter....as the prophetic realization.

As the human life is the spirit, the spiritual awareness, the natural spirit itself or the highest spirit, we are aware of the loss of our own holy status by changing the Heavenly mass.

The Revelations are a warning about changing the holiness of the ALPHA WAVELENGTH and that replacing the angelic light sound with UFO constants, an almighty reaction will eventually happen in the union of the UFO signals interacting unnaturally in the atmosphere instead of remaining underground where they belong.

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Yes, I am pretty foolish and I still harbor illusions that humanity might awaken from the thrall or trance that grips the throat of all life on the planet we call home; like  a seizure-struck lamb suckling on it's mother's teat. In point of fact that lamb will grow up to be even more emboldened in it's certitude of ignorance as it often will try to share the stupid nature of it's sand box scriptures. But as stupid as I am - and perhaps because I am so stupid, I will continue to have hope even if I have zero faith in what my soul cries for - Brotherhood and honesty! For you see - I too derive perverse pleasure from the Scriptures and interpretations of those who wax eloquent about what others in their cult have written. The fact that they have successfully sold many very different perspectives as the word of the Great Pumpkin, big boogeyman or monotheistic trio with all manner of gods, angels, saints and relics to worship; doesn't diminish the fervor of each cult's sheep. When their god created them he quite obviously forgot to put the grey matter in the big sphere on top rather than the one these sheep sit on. There is one aspect of intellect they all excel at; abuse! They can abuse their mothers and sisters by the authority of their mighty omnipotent masters in Rome or from the desert sands where sentient life is hard to find. If you are standing near one of these excellent people of great faith you might want to put your hand over your wallet or posterior regions.
Not to suggest that a Christian knows what is important about any cult member they share their Scriptures with - but you get some unvarnished insights when they speak about each other. I provide them a service when I spread their good word in the following complete book.
"" Mohammed began with descriptions of natural objects, of judgment, of heaven and hell, impassioned, fragmentary utterances, mostly in brief sentences; he went on to dogmatic assertions, historical statements from Jewish and Christian sources, missionary appeals and persuasions; and he ended with the dictatorial commands of a legislator and warrior. "He who at Mecca is the admonisher and persuader, at Medina is the legislator and the warrior, who dictates obedience and uses other weapons than the pen of the poet and the scribe. When business pressed, as at Medina, poetry makes way for prose,170 and although touches of the poetical element occasionally break forth, and he has to defend himself up to a very late period against the charge of being merely a poet, yet this is rarely the case in the Medina Suras; and we are startled by finding obedience to God and the Apostle, God’s gifts and the Apostle’s, God’s pleasure and the Apostle’s, spoken of in the same breath, and epithets, and attributes, applied to Allah, openly applied to Mohammed, as in Sura IX."171
 The materials of the Koran, as far as they are not productions of the author’s own imagination, were derived from the floating traditions of Arabia and Syria, from rabbinical Judaism, and a corrupt Christianity, and adjusted to his purposes. Mohammed had, in his travels, come in contact with professors of different religions, and on his first journey with camel-drivers he fell in with a Nestorian monk of Bostra, who goes by different names (Bohari, Bahyra, Sergius, George), and welcomed the youthful prophet with a presage of his future greatness.172 His wife Chadijah and her cousin Waraka (a reputed convert to Christianity, or more probably a Jew) are said to have been well acquainted with the sacred books of the Jews and the Christians. The Koran, especially in the earlier Suras, speaks often and highly of the Scriptures; calls them "the Book of God," "the Word of God," "the Tourât" (Thora, the Pentateuch), "the Gospel" (Ynyil), and describes the Jews and Christians as "the people of the Book," or "of the Scripture," or "of the Gospel." It finds in the Scriptures prophecies of Mohammed and his success, and contains narratives of the fall of Adam and Eve, Noah and the Deluge, Abraham and Lot, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Moses and Joseph, John the Baptist, the Virgin Mary and Jesus, sometimes in the words of the Bible, but mostly distorted and interspersed with rabbinical and apocryphal fables.173 It is quite probable that portions of the Bible were read to Mohammed; but it is very improbable that he read it himself; for according to the prevailing Moslem tradition he could not read at all, and there were no Arabic translations before the Mohammedan conquests, which spread the Arabic language in the conquered countries. Besides, if he had read the Bible with any degree of care, he could not have made such egregious blunders."


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God is all things. Within that are all things created of God. Life never ends it just changes form, and God is not created but existence itself as the whole of all things. This question is thus foolish because even in seeking the producer you will run into the same answer. Your problem is you don't understand the idea of things eternal thus you become confused thinking on a human timeline rather than an eternal one.

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5 minutes ago, The Wild One said:

God is all things. Within that are all things created of God. Life never ends it just changes form, and God is not created but existence itself as the whole of all things. This question is thus foolish because even in seeking the producer you will run into the same answer. Your problem is you don't understand the idea of things eternal thus you become confused thinking on a human timeline rather than an eternal one.

I like to say that if you cannot see God in all, you will not see God at all.

I get that from my Gnostic Christian tradition.

Gnostic Christian Jesus said, "If those who attract you say, 'See, the Kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you.

If they say to you, 'It is under the earth,' then the fish of the sea will precede you.

Rather, the Kingdom of God is inside of you, and it is outside of you.

[Those who] become acquainted with [themselves] will find it; [and when you] become acquainted with yourselves, [you will understand that] it is you who are the sons of the living Father.

But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty."


Your view does not do much for your moral values though. Where do you get yours from?






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Be careful with words.

I'm just a man God created me, and my life as all of ours serves a simple typically generic purpose. We have the right to freely choose our life's course but we do so under the direction of greater forces. I like some have come to understand this to know all of God is not contained within me thus I would not go so far as equate myself to God. It is dangerous because the reality of our position in the composition of God's creation is not that. The evidence of our humanity and the faults of such ego driven thought are the root drive of much, if not all the worlds current problems. We are created as part of God's design given the ability to choose our path within it based on his foundation. Yet we are not that entirely within the realm of spiritual growth we can expand our role within it. I say this meaning no disrespect in hope it you would deliberate on it in your own life. Many including yourself may experience spiritual expansion it is something to be understood in the context of God realizing the nature of it's function. Sadly it is impossible outside the intervention of non-human forces to realize the reality of our human situation in the midst of greater powers. It is true one single entity God rules over all things entirely. We are not God but we are all made by God our lives serving within the context of this creation to his design. That is true, and it is up to us all to find our path. All forces are generated threw the vehicle which designed it and subject to it. The best advice I can give is to work with life, and in the interest of it's preservation. All great men of spiritual power good/evil alike serve towards the agenda of what created them without needing to necessarily realize it or know they serve that purpose. They are and can never be as they are the totality of it but can connect with it more acting as a more useful part of it. This then endows them with power that will be seemingly greater to others but it is not necessarily the case because in all circumstances the man isn't the singular source from which that power is derived. In the image of God is in my view within the picture of God's creation. This has been twisted to make people think they are as God but that is a manipulation that has zero relevance in connection to the phrase actually written.

The Wild One

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God created sheep but man created god.


When man allows himself to be what he can be - god will be more powerful and harmonization of life will accelerate beyond just cloning sheep like Dolly.


Gnostic Bishop has quoted the Gospel of Thomas but if the sheep actually read the Bible they would find the same kind of knowledge, though often in code. For example John 10:34 or the whole concept of the Logos.


But it is nice to see some people actually are trying to make sense of their brainwashed existence more than Volkodave or Pavel and other Hellish people.

Knowledge is a matter of degree and study. Quoting things one does not really understand is not wise.

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If you watch this video you can reach many possible conclusions about a god and sin. Sin is self-inflicted nonsense and if man created god with some intent as Peter Abelard describes sin then man is indeed a sinner. For only this god is this sinful. The video suggests Satan could be responsible but the very word Satan and that concept is only in the New Testament written by Romans to blame the original scripture authors (Jews and Christians by some definitions). Yes, in translations you get a devil of some sort which was an angel created by this god which seems all too interested in humans and does rape immaculate and aborts life or authors abominations galore.
Pulpit pounders will talk about Lucifer (the morning star) as if that is this devil, but it is not. That is a way to scape-goat people who knew the morning star was important to all life on Earth as it traces the effects of the sun. And since the Bible is not original in any way (borrowed from many earlier sun worship systems - Ra, Ba'al, Lugh, Mithras etc.) as the Father of Biblical Archaeology assures us (and any student can easily see) it is a "Phoenician literary legacy"; I question whether these pulpit pounders ever study the origins of Christianity or gnosis (wisdom).
Paine - “One good schoolmaster is of more use than a hundred priests.”
 Ingersoll - “Give me the storm and tempest of thought and action, rather than the dead calm of ignorance and faith! Banish me from Eden when you will; but first let me eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge!”
 Voltaire - “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”
 Whitman - “I like the scientific spirit—the holding off, the being sure but not too sure, the willingness to surrender ideas when the evidence is against them: this is ultimately fine—it always keeps the way beyond open—always gives life, thought, affection, the whole man, a chance to try over again after a mistake—after a wrong guess.”
 Edison - "Moral teaching is the thing we need most in this world, and many of these men could be great moral teachers if they would but give their whole time to it, and to scientific search for the rock-bottom truth, instead of wasting it upon expounding theories of theology which are not in the first place firmly based. What we need is search for fundamentals, not reiteration of traditions born in days when men knew even less than we do now."
 Camus - “Men are never convinced of your reasons, of your sincerity, of the seriousness of your sufferings, except by your death. So long as you are alive, your case is doubtful; you have a right only to their skepticism.”
If one reads the Jefferson Bible or the words of any founder of the USA who could think - they will not want to be evangelicals like so many political animals claim to be. Yet somehow the liars are acting like it is a Christian country and foisting war, misogyny, racism and more abominations upon the people of this planet.

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This article applies to almost every thread on every so-called truther forum.


The Meme or the Machine:
 The implanting of memes to form the direction of the mass mind is not new nor is the critiquing and commentary upon it. Globalizing forces have reached out towards a truly Global Village as McLuhan called it. His biographer noted he knew that shadowy and secretive forces were behind a lot of what actually decides our direction as he said if he had fifteen years in control of the media he would rule the world. His publisher decided not to rattle the snakes and decided to pursue more Benjamins or greenbacks with the occult symbology. By not telling the whole truth just as Adam Smith did in his economic treatise called The Wealth of Nations when he avoided discourse on the Physiocrats, our watchdogs or critics have left us a void or to use the current buzzword - we lack transparency. It is not the fault of Benjamin Barber who wrote a masterpiece of analysis which made a real difference for a few weeks (http://www.uvm.edu/~hst19/Online_Reading/Lecture_19.htm) just as Bill Joy's warning about Robotics, Genetics and Nanotechnological Progress which would make us redundant by 2035. Joy's article in Mar/April 2001 of Wired Magazine also got swallowed up in the burgeoning Twitterverse which seems to have more memes than thinking.
 Throughout time there have been access to information issues such as - do people actually read or care to learn after having the joy of learning drummed out of them by churches or parents who know so little about things themselves. Here is Bertrand Russell talking about Mass Psychology which includes religious seers pontificating and being listened to by the great unwashed.
“I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is Mass Psychology... Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions are generated.”
 You may think the nuts who believe in Anunnaki Aliens, Armageddon, Jihad, Elohim, a Hollow Earth or Flat Earth have no impact but they constitute the majority of voters. That does not mean their fears expressed about the Powers That Be have no validity whatsoever. But as a world getting less manageable with no true Nation States answerable to people with a transparent plan (See the critique of Barber's Jihad v. McWorld in the above link.) I do think we need more than a Tea Party response, and what I see in the USA is concerning me, but it can't be any worse than the Shrub, you might think. However, the stakes have been raised and we are more interdependent than ever. I am all for a Global Brotherhood of Man but the ethic required seems far away from our real world of the present day.
The Essence of Malfeasance:
 When mankind appoints a person to be in control of any aspect of any part of their lives and it's governance you might expect a sense of accomplishment would come with it. The appointment to be the President of the United States is a major opportunity we are lead to believe. But is it as good an opportunity as being a king or a pope? Would it make a great deal of difference if you knew one of every three American Presidents was targeted for assassination or replacement while in office and another third never got to make any real input to the governing of the nation? I suspect most top people in corporations would hesitate to take such a job if they knew what faced them included no affect on spending for the first four years in office was likely, given the commitments already made, and passed as law. Of course, there are people who would think they can circumvent the legal process and make slush fund allocations which will counter the stranglehold or inertia inside the Beltway. But as a business you would probably agree it really is not the kind of job where you can expect to get things done, that will really show up on a bottom line. Authority is elusive in such an environment, but what about responsibility? If you are going to be called a failure without any chance of success you had better be a politician or liar of some sort and continue running for historical acceptability or a legacy your ego can handle. Your critics cannot as easily be silenced as once was possible. Nixon helped immensely in this regard, by trying to abuse the power of the President.
 Thus I say the game is rigged, even without giving examples or discussing how the vetting process and shadow government ensure they get the result they want and make doubly sure with contingencies up to and including assassinations.
"The U.S.A. is not run by its would-be 'democratic' government. All the latter can do is try to adjust to the initiatives already taken by [the] great corporations. Nothing can be more pathetic than the role that has been played by the President of the United States, whose power is approximately zero. Nevertheless, the news media and most over-thirty-years-of-age U.S.A. citizens carry on as if the president had supreme power." - Bucky Fuller
How Does a Good President Win the Game?
 Just getting past the vetting process before the primaries used to almost assure the person that they would be the candidate for their party. In most cases that candidate was assured of wealth and status even if he lost. So you can easily see why people like U. S. Grant were 'up for the job', given their financial circumstances. Others under Tammany Hall control or the likes of Harding are akin to puppets in a Banana Republic so they won by getting more than they could get elsewhere. Harding was into young girls and though JFK had great resources he really liked his ladies most of all. Truth be known JFK was the second choice of his corrupt and cruel father, and his wife was the highest paid courtesan this world has ever known. Yes, Camelot had other skeletons to hide and you really do not want to hear them all, starting with the sister who was lobotomized who was going to expose the grand old man who had fleeced Americans in the Crash and somehow got to be the head of the Securities Exchange Commission. His support for Hitler or Fascism went no further than many other great scions who tried to oust FDR, with an armed coup that General Smedley Butler exposed.
 Ask yourself why the Kennedy Clan accepted the Warren Commission whitewash followed by another son getting offed? Then ask if JFK Jr. was de-commissioned because he had started to expose the skeletons in his publication called George? Media controls and publicity contests are what dumbocracy has become, and media is not just the printed word or pulpits and blackboards anymore. It includes new and invasive technologies which some day will wirelessly implant thoughts, if not already in process.
“I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country.
 As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.” - President Abraham Lincoln, 1865
If You Want Change?
 Will a third political party offer some real change if the elected person can get the supermajority needed to overcome the Electoral College and subsequent bureaucratic melange of top advisors and assistants or department heads who are in cahoots? Jimmy Carter was a good man who discovered how little he could do. Thomas Jefferson understood what was happening from the very beginning so I must quote this great man who abused his slave Sally Hemmings and other things you don't want to hear, which are not on the official Presidential site.
 Who are you to argue with Jefferson?
"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government"
 Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to Lafayette in 1823 that went as follows:
"I do not believe with the Rochefoucaults and Montaignes, that fourteen of fifteen men are rogue. I believe a great abatement from that proportion may be made in favor of general honesty. But I have always found that rogues would be uppermost, and I do not know that the proportion is to strong for the higher orders... These set out with stealing the people's good opinion, and then steal from them the right of withdrawing it by contriving laws and associations against the power of the people themselves."
 His words about the priesthood are decidedly more aggressive in pointing to the lies and deceits they employ. I personally do not think a person who has not studied and lived the life of Yeshua Bar Joseph or others in his family (David, Solomon etc.) can really believe they are Christian. They are (If they quote the Gospels) actually maintaining the effort of Rome to quash Jesus and create an Empire over all people. Luther called it Popery and most scholars have names like Romanism or Pauline Christianity for it.
""Most men indeed, as well as most sects in religion, think themselves in possession of all truth, and that wherever others differ from them, it is so far error."

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Now that we know god did not give us languages from the Tower of Babel (BBL - Bible and Byblos near Ba'albek and also in the Persian Gulf or Jubail where UR and Sumer were colonized from by the Phoenicians) can we start throwing off the chains of cultural manipulation and social engineering?


The Linear A and Linear B scripts connect Crete and the Old Europe Keltoi or Phoenicians.
Gary Rendsburg writes eloquently and passionately about his teacher Cyrus Gordon. Gordon was a person who actually was living amongst the people and conversed with the great discoverers like Sir Flinders-Petrie so he knew what forces were aligned against real history. Crete was connected with New Grange in Ireland by Joseph Campbell - another truth teller. Campbell observed the wear on floor rocks or stones where Investitures took place at the same astronomical time in these far away places. Of course, there are numerous other discredited sources which back up Campbell, Gimbutas, Gordon and Fell including the last two speakers of the five dialects of Ogham I met about a quarter of a century ago. It has made me into the same passionate seeker who speaks about the hegemony in academia - as Gary indicates was true for Gordon in this excerpt from a great resource you can now read.
"ALTHOUGH CYRUS H. GORDON'S EARLIEST PUBLISHED WORK ON Minoan appeared.in 1957, his rumination on the problem began as early as 1931. In June of that year the young Gordon was sailing to the Near East for his first visit. His own words tell the story:
One June night as we were sailing along the coast of Crete, I was sitting with a group of companions on deck, and I was impelled to express my thoughts somewhat as follows: "The Minoan inscriptions from this island are the main challenge to the decipherers of tomorrow. Some- one with the necessary knowledge will succeed, through hard and honest work, in deciphering Minoan." In retrospect, I realize that is no way to talk to travelling companions on a moonlit night in the Mediterranean, but I was shamed and silenced by a middle-aged businessman named Mr Davis, who looked at me with disgust and said, "You sound like a high school valedictorian." I mention the incident only to bring out the fact that my active concern with the problem twenty-five years later had a quarter century of brooding (much of it subconscious) behind it (Gordon 1971:154-5).1
Fast forward to the year 1956. In the intervening years Gordon had produced three editions of his standard works on the Ugaritic language (Gordon 1940; 1947; 1955c), as well as a standard translation of the Ugaritic myths and epics (Gordon 1949). As is well known, Gordon's work on Ugaritic did not end with his contributions on the language and the literature. Gordon saw that Ugarit was much more than a major source of Canaanite literature providing invaluable material for the background of the Hebrew Bible. For Gordon, Ugaritic was a bridge which spanned the worlds of the Hebrews and the Greeks. Thus, during this same period Gordon pro- duced his seminal works on the common background of the two cultures (see most importantly Gordon 1955a). More- over, it became clear to Gordon that the hub which connected these worlds was Crete (kptr is the home of Kothar-wa-Hasis, the Ugaritic god of arts and crafts; his correspondent in the Greek pantheon is Hephaistos, whose home is also Crete; the Philistines of the Bible emigrated to Canaan from Caphtor; and so on). Others in this special issue are discussing Gor- don's work on Ugaritic and on the common background of Greek and Hebrew civilizations, so there is no need for me to say more on these subjects. Still, it is worth pointing out the obvious, that no portion of Gordon's world is unconnected from the other portions. This singular scholar's work on Minoan did not surface ex nihilo; it can only be understood in light of his work on Ugaritic and Aegean interconnections. In 1956 Michael Ventris and John Chadwick published their important book Documents in Mycenaean Greek (Ventris and Chadwick 1956). A bit of background is necessary to bring us to this important event in modem archaeological and philological research. Starting in 1893 and for several decades there- after, Sir Arthur Evans excavated at various sites on Crete and there discovered the great Bronze Age civilization of ancient Crete which he called Minoan after the legendary king Minos (Evans 1921- 36 is his most comprehensive work). Among his important finds were several hundred day tablets bearing writing in two different, yet very similar, scripts. Evans called the older of the two scripts Linear A and the more recent one Linear B.2 Due to the number of signs, it was assumed by all scholars that both scripts were syllabaries (i.e., non-alphabetic).
....A Partial view of the remains of the palace at Knossos, the major Minoan center excavated by Sir Arthur Evans between 1899 and 1935. Located on the north coast of Crete, Knossos, the largest Minoan palace site, produced clay tablets inscribed with Linear A as well as tablets bearing Linear B. V A partial grid of the Minoan syllabary (Gordon 1966:Plate XI). Other signs appear in the texts, but these are of certain reading based on their close similarity to the Linear B signs used to represent Mycenaean Greek."

A more complete paper from Gary.

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