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Online gaming a reflection of how people behave when there are no consequences?

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The online shitiness of people.  Something I have been thinking about lately.  Online gaming has become totally toxic and cancerous.  Some examples for you.

I tried to play Street Fighter online.  I had played it before years ago, but not for a long time and never online.  My experience level in the game was zero.  It then started matching me with other players who had a much much higher level than me, who then, despite my obvious novice status, used their best combo moves and crushed me into the ground.  Again and again and again and again.  I perhaps played maybe 1 in 10 fights with someone who was my level, or who played down to at least make it slightly fun.

In the end I uninstalled it, and put the disc in the shredder so I was not tempted to play it again. I hated it that much.

Battlefield 4.  Now this game I have played a lot, and it has been toxic from day one.  If you are ever AFK (away from keyboard) for a minute or two, you will come back to find some hero killed you while you weren't moving.  This doesn't happen just once, its 100% of the time.   There is also next to no spirit of fairness.  If one team ends up with more players, no one will change sides, they will beat you so badly that again their is no fun and then afterwards pronounce "Easy!"   I have even seen this where 1 player vs 3 others, and all 3 will be following that player to get as many cheap kills in as possible.

You can say "Teams!"  or "1 vs 3"  but no one will change.  So all you can do is just leave, with an ALT+F4.    Can you imagine this in real life?  Where people have so little manners or sportsman'ship  that they would rather not have a fair equal game?   Would rather stab you in the back, than give you a chance.

Call of Duty:  This always had an element of lameness.  You would actually get people who would crouch pointing at a doorway and just spend the entire game waiting for people to come through!  Yes, seriously.  There were actually people using obvious aimbots (auto aim cheats) on the 2 day Beta weekend for the new COD.  Cheating on a brand new unreleased game.  Why?



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Welcome to the real world behind the paper façade, the phony smile and meaningless politically correct social verbiage. Only 2 % of  the  global population are of noble character.  Just wait till real adversity transpires to see true colors. We don't play well with others it is all about dominance of the ego and in your face aggression. Humanity is devoid in our younglings.

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