The student loan conspiracy

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It's the general destruction of society in America. Those with any shred of prudence, financial or otherwise, cannot get an education. The foolish are educated, and the wise are denied the opportunity. Unfortunately the "education" of the foolish is nothing more than establishment indoctrination.

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what happened, is during the 2008 crash,,,,,Banks, Pension plans, Insurance companies and other institutions that depend upon  Interest income to stay afloat ( ex: US Treasuries) started to have

difficulty since the interest on T bills was almost nothing.  So what they did was monetize STUDENT LOANS as a way for Institutions to earn 7% interest on loans that were backed by the US gov. So institutions are staying afloat thanks to student loan interest.  This is why they will never be bankrupted.    If you are in Student Loan debt,,,,,Call Dept of Education and tell them that you want  to enroll in an   INCOME DRIVEN REPAYMENT PROGRAM.  You only pay what you can afford,,,,no bullshit, I been on it for 10 years. 

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You have to ask yourself, what sort of society makes children (young adults) take on huge level of debts just so they can learn skills ideally to become contributing members of that society?

I am not in favour of all education being free, as much of it is worthless lefty brainwashing anyway,  but if a young person wants to be a doctor , nurse or any other profession society is crying out for, then I would support tax payers paying for that education.  It will be worth it.

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