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Ant!Chr!st Identity

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Possible AntiChrist - Alastair Cook (English cricket player) Alastair+Cook


  1. His initials are AC (for AntiChrist?)

  2. His wife has the same initials as him, and her maiden name initials are AH (for Adolf Hitler?)

  3. He has the same initals and first name as Aleister Crowley (famous occultist, said to be the most evil man to ever live)

  4. He is 32 years old right now (32 highest earned masonic degree in the Scottish Rite)

  5. He will be 33 years old on Christmas 2017 (33 is the highest honorary masonic degree in the Scottish Rite and is widely used in symbolism); and if his birthday is on Christmas, it will be easier to convince people he is Christ

  6. His name is Greek and means Defender, Protector of Mankind

  7. The English variation of his name is Alexander (The Great?)
    Alexander the Great:

    1. Interpretation of his birth was said to be "divine"

    2. Died at the age of 32 in Babylon

    3. The tower of Babel in Babylon stood for 42 years (significant occult and biblical number):

    4. The tower of Babel was built in defiance of God and was rebuilt as the European Union building:

  8. He is sponsored by Clydesdale Bank of Scotland (masonic Scottish Rite?)

  9. He was awarded Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) by Queen Elizabeth II; and was also awarded the title of Commander (CBE) by Prince Charles (he is primed to be a humble politician or royalty; these sounds like masonic titles):

  10. He is an Ambassador for Austin Reed’s tailoring "Q Club" (was the information leaker "Q Anon" taken from "Q Club" ?):

  11. He has many facebook followers:

  12. He is tall, slender, and athletic - just like a Messiah should be

  13. He looks evil and frightening in one of his photos

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