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AIDS has to be real. We cannot really doubt that.

But at the same time there is nothing new under the sun. AIDS did not arise from early-20th-century monkey hunters in Africa..  It has been around a lot longer than that.

Think about the Black Death in Europe. Plague, Yersinia pestis, call it what you will.

AIDS is spread by promiscuous homosexual male anal sex.

I believe that is what happened in Europe in the Middle Ages.  Women were treated as nothing but property, and those who complained that "such men like not women" were mocked as L ollards.  Men were too entitled and  had too many manservants, brethren, and butlers, they expected to be called "Sir" all the time, and they fucked each other in the butt because it was against the law to rape women.

There is no other way to explain how their immune system was so compromised that so many died of a disease that is almost unheard of to be spread among a generally healthy population today.

Today, tuberculosis + AIDS is the real killer combination is southern California and such places. Even here in Alaska, "Sourdough Jack" refuses to purge out the old leaven as commanded by Jesus, and toxic mold that grows in poorly designed and ventilated buildings weakens people's immune systems.

Why do people tend to cling to the old leaven so much in volcanically active earthquake zones? The Old Testament relates of fire and brimstone for those who refused to purge out the old leaven.

People may not understand what "leaven" is or why it is forbidden for Jewish Passover or Christian Communion.

Derived from the French verb lever, to lift, raise, or rise, "to leaven" something is to make something "lighter," that is, more airy or funny,  less serious, less heavy, or less sad. Technically, leaven is either a biological agent such as yeast or a chemical agent such as backing powder that causes bread or pastry to rise and become fluffy or airy.

When it is said that leaven is forbidden, it is said, in effect, "That bread has too much yeast in it: it is too light and fluffy, and it does not have sufficient nutrition for the poor."

Passover is prepared in haste; there is no time for funny business. Thin flat bread baked as soon as the flour can be moistened and kneaded into dough with a fire kindled in the oven, meat from a healthy lamb slain that very day and roasted over open fire, and perhaps wine from the earliest possible grapes in season picked and pressed that same day, with no time to ferment.

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CANADA Blood Services to recommend ending ban on donations from gay men

But presumably "regular guys" who are straight & pick up prostitutes are still allowed to donate blood.

Health is always conflated with beauty and sexual attractiveness among the lower classes, where being "healthy" amounts to being "sexy" — but in reality that's an ugly scene of bodybuilding, steroid bulking, cheap plastic surgery, silicone breast implants, obsessive waxing and shaving to wear nylon stocking with short skirts, and high-heeled "pumps" which necessitate bunion surgery — and there's no healthy atmosphere for natural living anywhere when these doctors have their way, because everybody's on weed.


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