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UK/USA sex offender "registration" system

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The entire sex offender "registration" system has got to go.

  1. For some of these alleged "sex offenses," especially certain willful, intentional, and repeated acts against children, we need life imprisonment without the possibility of parole in order to ensure public safety.
  2. Public safety, however, is clearly not the goal with this system.
  3. It is a form of house arrest or imprisonment that allows conjugal visits from ladies off the street.
  4. The ladies have cell phone "apps" nowadays to locate nearby registered sex offenders.
  5. The tabloid-level notoriety only advertises the availability of these men for the ladies.
  6. Ladies who consort with registered sex offenders are not only a public nuisance but dangerous themselves, although they are not subject to this particular male-only "system" themselves.

In this same vein, let us eliminate various "endorsements" and "restrictions" from our drivers' licenses.

  1. The motorcycle endorsement. if you learned how to ride a bicycle as a child, are able to operate a motor vehicle and follow rules of the road, and have insurance for liability and personal injury, you do not need the Harley endorsement. Your choice of motor vehicle or alleged association with others who drive the same type of vehicle must be divorced from any concept of "who you are."
  2. The commercial driver's license. The licensure for your particular occupation or employment does not belong on the I.D. that you must have for driving your personal automobile, other personal travel,  personal purchases of alcohol or tobacco, seeking employment in other fields of work, or for any other purposes than driving a commercial vehicle. Your occupation is not "who you are." You do not want to advertise your occupation or field of work every time you must present your I.D. for something.
  3. The corrective lens restriction.  Vision and vision tests are highly subjective, and whores have been putting out eyes since the days of Samson. Enough already.

None of that garbage is legitimate, and all of it needs to come off the I.D.

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