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Lauren Wasser is losing her left leg to Toxic Shock Syndrome after already losing her right leg.

Come on. Get real. That kind of medical quackery simply smacks of freemasonry. She said "NO!" to some dude who worships at the same lodge as her male doctor, and the aforementioned male doctor is carrying out the retaliation on the orders of the aforementioned dude  by practicing such medical quackery on her. There is simply no other explanation that makes sense.

"Mayo Clinic," indeed!

That's right alongside the interminable fundraising for the Poor Pitiful Paediatric Children's Hospital of the Royal Order of Hospitallers of Saint John or the Salvation Army sending some poor fellow with a malformed limb to beg for change at the grocery store.

Physician, heal thyself! Indeed!

The grinch already stole Christmas. We can no longer tolerate the fraternization among doctors, lawyers, and judges, or their organized criminal medical and legal quackery in the United States. For those doctors, it is high time to sleep with the fishes. This is even further evidence yet that they should have slept with the fishes already from the moment they first took the knife unnecessarily to a newborn's genital organs. Thus is a total war with lethal force both necessitated and justified against those doctors and against all who give them aid or comfort, until the entire field and all areas of practice of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and all related industries are thoroughly purged of all such manner of fraternization, quackery, malpractice, mayhem, malicious disfigurement, and unnecessary amputations.

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Another woman dies at hospital of "complications" after being extorted $136/day for "Tamiflu" drug.

Watch out, smarty-pants docs!

It's the flu. It doesn't need to be that "complicated." Stay well-hydrated, warm, and dry, and clean up the sweat, vomit, and diarrhea.

Influenza is not pleasant, but it is survivable, and it does not justify BIG PHARMA's extortion rackets.

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