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Lauren Wasser is losing her left leg to Toxic Shock Syndrome after already losing her right leg.

Come on. Get real. That kind of medical quackery simply smacks of freemasonry. She said "NO!" to some dude who worships at the same lodge as her male doctor, and the aforementioned male doctor is carrying out the retaliation on the orders of the aforementioned dude  by practicing such medical quackery on her. There is simply no other explanation that makes sense.

"Mayo Clinic," indeed!

That's right alongside the interminable fundraising for the Poor Pitiful Paediatric Children's Hospital of the Royal Order of Hospitallers of Saint John or the Salvation Army sending some poor fellow with a malformed limb to beg for change at the grocery store.

Physician, heal thyself! Indeed!

The grinch already stole Christmas. We can no longer tolerate the fraternization among doctors, lawyers, and judges, or their organized criminal medical and legal quackery in the United States. For those doctors, it is high time to sleep with the fishes. This is even further evidence yet that they should have slept with the fishes already from the moment they first took the knife unnecessarily to a newborn's genital organs. Thus is a total war with lethal force both necessitated and justified against those doctors and against all who give them aid or comfort, until the entire field and all areas of practice of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and all related industries are thoroughly purged of all such manner of fraternization, quackery, malpractice, mayhem, malicious disfigurement, and unnecessary amputations.

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Another woman dies at hospital of "complications" after being extorted $136/day for "Tamiflu" drug.

Watch out, smarty-pants docs!

It's the flu. It doesn't need to be that "complicated." Stay well-hydrated, warm, and dry, and clean up the sweat, vomit, and diarrhea.

Influenza is not pleasant, but it is survivable, and it does not justify BIG PHARMA's extortion rackets.

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USC reaches tentative $215-million settlement over gynecologist accused of sexually assaulting hundreds of students 

... longtime campus gynecologist accused of abusing and sexually harassing scores of young patients ... $2,500 to every [female] student who ever saw [the pussy doc] at the campus health clinic and up to $250,000 to [female] students who alleged they were abused by him ... does not resolve hundreds of claims made in state court. A total of 463 women have sued ...

Uhh, ladies, at this point you are simply charging the doc money for the "privilege" of groping your pussy.

I think we need a California penal code.

What's the deal? Tell me. These apparently intact girls are being paid $2,500 for seeing the doc, but the circumcised boys are charged $2,500 just for a medical office visit? Do we need another shrink-head psychiatrist? Where's the money, man?

We need to get creative to solve the crooked doctor problem. The fines and prison time are not an adequate deterrent to their misbehavior. They do not believe in God as such and they do not exactly fear death or capital punishment such as it may be "humanely" administered.

Cruel and unusual punishment? I do not have any such concerns when it comes to a doctor. I don't care how they scream or what they have to endure. Whatever it takes to get the right answers from them and force them to correct their behavior. Just make them suffer, make them hurt, make them feel the pain until they get the doctoring right. It's sad, but there is no other way to re-educate the medical profession in the United States. They gave up their Constitutional rights when they started practicing mental health among other matters.

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A football player's wife is having unnecessary brain surgery.

It's a lobotomy. I'm thinking he wants her “put away” and institutionalized. She's talking and posting on Instagram, she doesn't need brain surgery. The doctors are not that smart.

Not to mention, Alliance of American Football is suspending operations immediately. ...

And Britney Spears checks into a mental hospital. Either she has Mafia//family enemies, or she is getting paid to play along with the medical doctors' sham of incarceration for mental health care.

It's the same old end run around the Constitution and Bill of Rights to control another human being's behaviour by force over and above all legitimate concept of crime & punishment.

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Oh. You're supposed to wear eye shadow to avoid getting skin cancer. Overeducated pimps.

Women outlive men everywhere in the world: World Health Organization report

Do they, now? Assisted living facilities and the like are full of female widows, but many if not most of them were significantly younger than their husbands when they married.

There is too much “honor” in the death of a man in the stately procession to the gravesite and in the solemn walk of the casketbearers, whereas families tend to cover up the deaths of women who die under less honorable circumstances, leaving an excess of unexplained female “skeletons in the closet.”

It's as often as not the medical examiner or coroner along with the funeral director of a close-knit “rural” community unwilling to face the reality of the big-city red-light district into which it has grown.

Consumer product safety and baby-killers

Nothing worse about that particular product than the competition, I suspect, but a messy home full of low-class consumer junk.

That steel tubing and plastic framed junk kills. Don't try to raise a baby in a junkyard. If you don't need it, don't buy it.

Take it back or toss it out. I hate Swiss chocolate factory consumer capitalism.

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This is why "affirmative action" cannot solve the problems of bad medicine imposed on women by the Klan.

Tit-for-tat mayhem in the name of an artificial equality for men ("of color" or not) is not the answer.

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