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What women are supposed to spend their hard-earned money on:

  • Hair. somehow a basic, low-maintenance, natural-color hairdo is never in style, because other women can't make money "doing" it for you...
  • Nails: nail polish, glitter, acrylic nails, all that stuff is available at the dollar store (for <$1) if you want to bother with it, but somehow to be "in style" requires a sizable bi-weekly outlay of cash and a standing appointment with another, emotionally manipulative, hard-selling woman who takes sexual pleasure in "doing" other women's nails...
  • Professional oil changes: you didn't realize you needed all kinds of maintenance like having your blinker fluid and muffler coolant replaced (the $150+ "upsell") but if you don't get it done now, man, you're not going to be able to drive your car next week.

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