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Martian symbology

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The astronomical symbols for Mars and Venus are the same as those for male and female:

  • Mars=Mars
  • Venus=Venus

"Venusian" is sometimes a synonym for "lesbian" -- in reality, simply "female" -- except that when you have to use such a strange code or symbol for it, it ends up being generally interpreted as "queer female."

Likewise for "Mars" and "martians." @Martin Timothy, I have had enough. No means no. And those idiots like Mr. Dr. John Gray, PhD who go on and on about how Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and Venus is an "inferior planet" while Mars is a "superior planet," and so on and so forth simply need to be kicked out of the solar system. We're done here. Lose the astrology. It has no relevance on Planet Earth.

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The real meaning of the symbols:

The Mars symbol Mars represents a shield and spear. When  you look at this symbol, you are face to face with a warrior who holds a shield in his left hand and spear in his right hand, with the tip near his left shoulder. It symbolizes war, independently of any notion of masculinity or the planet Mars. You are supposed to fight when you see this symbol.

The Venus symbol Venus represents a round mirror with a comb underneath it. When you look at this symbol, you are face to face with yourself in the mirror. The left-right symmetry symbolizes beauty, independently of any notion of femininity, or human hair, or the planet Venus. You are supposed to look into the mirror and preen when you see this symbol.

There is a not-so-subtle homosexual (male-male or female-female) context to these symbols, i.e., "homosexual" in the generic sense of any kind of "same-sex" relationship,  not necessarily a romantic or sexual or loving relationship. These symbols indicate more toward a sex-segregated brotherhood, sisterhood, fraternity or sorority, or other same-sex camaraderie, with such a broad, strict, and severe separation between the sexes as to place them on different planets. Of course same-sex intimate relationships do occur in such situations, e.g., prison homosexuality, and under such strict sex-segregation, as a general rule, those in charge tend to become so jealous, controlling, and manipulative that they totally prohibit opposite-sex talk or communication of any kind. Human procreation is impossible and all intimate relationships are strictly confined to the same sex.

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The positions of Mars and Venus in a natal horoscope determine the relationships the native will have with the opposite sex for all of his or her life.

60° Separation is called a Sextile which is highly favorable.
90° Separation is an unfavorable Square aspect, which will bring nothing but unhappiness.
120° Separation is a Trine which also portends highly favorable relationships.
180° Separation makes an Opposition which is disastrously unfavorable.


Understand this, as the planets move in their orbits around the Sun so will they at various times occupy places where if they had been there from the start, would have meant happy relationships.

When this happens erstwhile losers do indeed make relationships, however when the planet moves away from that spot the relationships ends, these are called transitory relationships which are the most cause of "lost love" per se.

Aspects from ♂ & ♀ to the Sun ☉ and Moon ☽ in a birth chart, will determine that persons relationships with men and women throughout his or her life.


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