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"Santa Claus" is, of course, a linguistic corruption of "Saint Nicholas."

Do children set out milk and cookies for Santa Claus? Really? Ho, ho, ho, a bottle of rum, and a raw egg or two, and the children's speech is so slurred from their adulterated milk that they cannot even distinctly pronounce the words "Saint Nicholas" and it comes out "Santa Claus." And nowadays the cookies contain "edible" marijuana, to boot.

Are there gifts under that Tanenbaum / Yule tree? Really? Beggars can't be choosers. How long is that lump of coal keeping you warm?

A strange man, disguised in a costume, is fondling little children in his lap.

Under any other circumstances, we would not be so charitable. Why at Christmastime? Or is it Yuletide or Winter Solstice?

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Perhaps more worrying, is the fact that some places are opening Santa's grottoes for adults!   Well, when I say adults I use the term loosely. 


Manchester Evening News

“So many of our customers will remember visiting the store as a child, and so we decided to open to grotto to adults for the evening, to rekindle that childhood nostalgia and take a moment to enjoy the festive period without the stress of preparing for the big day, and endless to do lists. We want to bring merry back”.

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