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>>> From: Twitter <>
>>> To: justina colmena <>
>>> Subject: "Celebrity babies boomed in 2017 ****" Moment
>>> Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2017 04:59:00 +0000
>>> @justinacolmena, see what's happening in the world
Do you see what I see? Actual UTF-8 characters? Yellow baby, black baby, white baby, brown baby.
No way! Has the Unicode committee gone mad? The following sequence of seven Unicode points generates the four multie-cultie babies, all sucking pre-sweetened pacifiers.

**** == &#x1F476;&#x1F476;&#x1F3FF;&#x1F476;&#x1F3FB;&#x1F476;&#x1F3FD;

Seven symbols, but only four babies, all boys, sucking on blue pacifiers.  The girls must have been aborted, because they are not of the pure Aryan race. All the babies have dark brown eyes.

Not really! Only one "baby" character,  and three different "Fitzpatrick" racial modifier characters. The unmodified baby is of yellow race. The national socialists have taken over the Internet..

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Then there is the "blood diamond" wedding ring character &#x1F48D;


That rock is so sharp you'll scratch your baby's face bloody and rip your 1000-thread-count linen bedsheets to shreds with it.

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