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White nationalist literature for children

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Nancy Carlson. Henry's Show and Tell. Viking, 2004.

Quote: "Henry liked ... getting great big hugs from his teacher, Ms. Bradley."

Henry is in kindergarten. He does not need "great big hugs" from his teacher in front of all the other children. To me, that is abnormal. Nevertheless, the author sees nothing wrong with it.

I do. Try putting a male teacher in "Ms. Bradley's" position. Maybe a tap on the shoulder to catch the child's attention, or a pat on the back for encouragement, but there needs to be a  limit. There appears at first glance to be somewhat a double standard here, vis-à-vis female vs. male teachers, but I do not fully buy into that side of the story, either, because there are definitely more than a few male schoolteachers who get away with far too much affection with children on their part.

I think that schoolteachers of whatever sex would be well advised on practical as well as moral and legal grounds to keep their hands off the schoolchildren as much as possible, and leave the "great big hugs" for the parents who meet them on the bus coming home.

"Viking" has a white nationalist ring to it, and there is that white nationalist survivalist mentality of ensuring the survival of white children, but something is a little bit wrong with what we are teaching them here.

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