'Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?'

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Asks the President of the United States.

Trump was reportedly speaking about Haitians and citizens of various African nations.   

'Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out,' he told people in the meeting, according to CNN.

Instead, he said, the U.S. should seek to assimilate people from countries like Norway, whose prime minister he met with a day earlier.


This is possibly a question people throughout the Western world have been asking themselves for a couple of decades!

Why are there people who want to import the third world, and turn our first world countries into third world too?  Why?  What is to be gained?      The destruction of our society?  Easy voters for the left?

Perhaps at first this might have been forgiven for kindness, or maybe even simple minded thinking.  But look now at the results throughout the West.  No go zones.  Rapes.  Murders.  Crime.

Update to this story.   Mr Trump has now said he did not say this.

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Our population is large enough and we have plenty of our own dysfunctional citizens to support. I have been to Haiti and Somalia and did not like what I saw. These people have been on the planet for thousands of year just like the more civilized folks and have not gotten their act together. We are not Mother Theresa. Immigrants should be severely vetted and only those who have exceptional talents we need should be welcomed in.

I blame Christian brainwashing for most of our acts of stupidity. "Love them who hate  you" bull poop. 

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I see we just gave the little parasitic darlings from Puerto Rico  another 18.5 billion for their tiny 35x100 mile island. Perhaps trying to lure them back home by retiring them all to never have to work again. This is after OUR labor force restored most of their power and infrastructure. Now we are rebuilding their homes. Florida has an affordable housing crisis now and we have tons of our own people unable to repair their homes and have no affordable place to rent and FEMA no longer helps them. Meanwhile Puerto Ricans are vacationing here in FEMA provided dwellings and we just extended their FEMA assistance a few more months. And although citizens they pay no Federal Income Tax. Uncle Sam needs a Teflon rectal insert and an attitude adjustment.

Feeling sorry for Donald Trump trying to secure our borders and limit the influx of unsavory interlopers (annual migration of thousands flooding in from Central and South America through Mexico) Mexico is encouraging, aiding and abetting them because they hate our guts. The drums of war are growing louder all over the Middle East, Russia and Asia that Trump and his Cabinet needs to focus on, not the bullshit endless witch hunts perpetrated by ignorant multitudes who all have nasty skeletons in their own closet. Of course a global mover and shaker like Trump has opportunity and resources to do as he will throughout his career and has international tentacles everywhere including Russia. His personal escapades (probably mild relative to peers in his power strata) has little to do with his current position as Commander an Chief. People seem willing to destroy America to satisfy their lust for blood.   


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Yes, we are having this general problem in U.S., Canada, and Europe. There is a lot of illegal immigration and human trafficking going on, and forced labor by immigrant slaves has displaced jobs formerly done by native workers at will for an equitable wage, where both employer and employee were satisfied with the deal and had no cause to engage in class warfare. Now the ultra-rich folks (including the Saudi princes with whom Trump is reported to be consorting) have taken away the guns of the poor, and fortified themselves in their mansions while they docked the wages of the poor, and in effect enslaved them.

The Mafia has taken over all law schools, medical schools, and police academies, and as a result, legal services, medical care, and police protection have been reserved exclusively for those of extreme wealth. You cannot make it through law school or medical school or police academy in America or Europe without being inducted as a "made man" in the Mafia. Too much of that make-it-or-break-it bullshit is happening in the "Greek life" frat houses on college campuses.

Remember how Adolf Hitler said Mein Kampf, that is, My Struggle? He was fighting much the same problems we are today, but he took a little too much upon himself as My Problem, and he put forth an Übermensch, that is, an overman or overhuman to rule over other races or those from shithole countries, as Trump would say. Of course Übermensch is masculine in German, and that masculinity is very much of the essence of the whole concept, but in Swedish and Norwegian, the gender of the term is feminine or neuter, respectively.

To refer to övermänniskan in correct Swedish, one must use the feminine pronouns hon, henne, hennes, etc., i.e., "she, her, hers" in English. Yes, "she" threatens to breed even the Swedes into her submission. Imagine that!

Whereas in proper book Norwegian, one must refer to overmennesket with the neuter pronoun det or "it" in English. Literally "it" is an "over-human-being" in Norwegian.

Of course this is absolutely humiliating to the German Nazis who cannot translate their superior masculinity, or masculine superiority, as the case may be, into Swedish or Norwegian, even though they are attempting to rule over the Italians, the Greeks, the Jews, the Arabs, the Russians and so on and so forth, on behalf of the entire white race. The German Nazis reap all the benefits of their pan-European white supremacy to themselves while they treat other white people no better than those of other races from "shithole" countries while they are hard at work fast and furious turning all of our countries into white trash shitholes while the trains always come on time in Berlin.

There are certain philosphies to the Swedish and Norwegian attitudes of gender for the word "human."

The Swedes believe that a human is capable of reproduction, and in a certain sense this rules out the use of the neuter gender for a generic human being. Furthermore, the Swedish language tends not to refer to a group of people in the masculine unless the group is exclusively male. This rules out the use of the male pronoun for an archetypal "human."

The Norwegians, on the other hand, are referring to a "human" with a certain impersonal particularity which deliberately does not elevate man above beast.

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I suppose we must quote the official versions of the Bible, since there has not yet been a complete separation of church and state in Europe.

Und Gott schuf den Menschen zu seinem Bilde, zum Bilde Gottes schuf er ihn; und schuf sie als Mann und Frau.

Gud skapade människan till sin avbild, till Guds avbild skapade han henne. Som man och kvinna skapade han dem.

Og Gud skapte mennesket i sitt bilde, i Guds bilde skapte han det, som mann og kvinne skapte han dem.

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