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  1. ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH: They worship money, political power, and sex, while they preach Father, Son, and Holy Ghost along with Hail Mary.
  2. MAFIA:  A major worldwide serious organized crime cartel. Catch phrases include La Cosa Nostra ("This thing of ours") and Omertà ("Code of Silence").
  3. DEMOCRATIC PARTY: A party of the ultra-wealthy: they impose nefarious policies to keep the poor in their place, and have even abandoned their white male upper-middle-class base.

The Vatican, along with Italy, fought viciously on the side of the National Socialist Axis (Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary/Japan) during both world wars, the Holocaust, and the Great Depression.

The Roman Catholic Church conveniently preaches gun control from the pulpit while the Mafia seizes the guns, the opportunity, and the power, and the Democratic Party denies gun rights to law-abiding citizens.

The Roman Catholic Church insists on "confession" rather than bona fide defense for criminal accusations. They have seized control of the Latin legal phrase "bona fide," insisting that "good faith" is in the Church alone, not in a forthright due process of law and honest testimony in court. The Church holds its trials in secret and inflicts the most inhuman tortures, beyond all imagination of outsiders, on its victims.

The Mafia's "Code of Silence" forbids any bona fide criminal defense in any case: "Shut up and take the fall, man!" They invented the word "felon" as a back-formation of the word "felony" in order to impose a lifelong criminal identity on those they wish to bring under their control. The Code of Omertà or Silence also forbids accusing a woman of a crime. Women are property, not humans, and are dealt with in other ways.

While the Roman Catholic Church nominally opposes abortion, the Democratic Party nominally supports it, and meanwhile the doctors who perform it secretly, willfully, and intentionally inflict massive mayhem, internal injury, and bacterial infections on pregnant women as punishment for their "choice." They play both sides of the coin against women. It's a coat-hanger or some even worse, ultimately less sanitary method.

The Democratic Party funds this Roman-Catholic secret punishment masquerading as medical care with state and U.S. money. There is no bona fide medical care in any general practice or specialty since the Church seized control of that legal term, enacted tort reform, and caused the U.S. healthcare system to revert to that of medieval times in Europe.

All three parts of this trident have a very strong pro-commitment (i.e., pro-"civil"-commitment,) mental health agenda. State and U.S. funds are diverted to so-called re-normative, reparative, or "conversion" mental health counseling or therapy for "gays," that is, religious conversion therapy masquerading as mental health treatment, in flagrant violation of lawful principles of separation of church and state.  Don't forget, the Kennedys, members of the Roman Catholic Church and Democrats, LOBOTOMIZED Rosemary Kennedy and Jackie Onassis.

There is more. I am still seeking more information.

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Few humans are guiltless of buying into sick standards of behavior. Only 2% are of noble character with no skeletons in their closet. Our species is defective and in decline.

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18 hours ago, Shekinah said:

Few humans are guiltless of buying into sick standards of behavior. Only 2% are of noble character with no skeletons in their closet. Our species is defective and in decline.

Few humans? Interesting that you should mention that. If you are Christian you can say that only one human is guiltless, namely Jesus, whose ancestry is traced all the way back to Adam in the Gospels -- Jesus alone of noble character with no skeletons in His closet. As to being "defective and in decline" as you mention, yes, Christians generally agree that all of us are faulty and have fallen, which are the more native English translations of the Latin-derived terms you have chosen.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****
=    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =

The information on the three-way connection among the Roman Catholic Church, the Mafia, and the U.S. Democratic Party which I posted above is actually many decades outdated, although that connection, or rather those connections, still persist strongly to this day. Another important party in bed with the Mafia is the National Security Agency, formed in secrecy and desperation in the wake of WWII.

There is that overuse in the government of the word "national."

A "nation" is, in its proper and literal meaning, a classification of people somewhere above a tribe and below a race. "National" is its adjective form, right in between "tribal" and "racial." The use of that word is justified by Abraham Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address: "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. ..."

That word "nation" has been misconstrued in a "white nationalist" sense in our government. Of course Lincoln was referring, in part, literally to his white male ancestors and white relatives and their male-dominated culture, when he used that word, but almost explicitly in an attempt to keep that "white nationalism" in check and include blacks and all other races in the "new nation" of which he spoke.

Furthermore, at that time, phrases such as no man, any man, every man, and all men, were very commonly used precisely as the {any-, some-, every-, or no-} "one" or "body" pronouns are commonly used today, with absolutely no connotation of maleness or "man" as opposed to "woman."

The National Security Agency is particularly concerned with the unauthorized "disclosure of classified information."

Their employees are "indoctrinated" and "cleared" for access to such information and have to live and abide by this code for life, and it begins to acquire an almost supernatural or hyper-spiritual meaning in this context whereby it carries over into the Mafia's Code of Silence (or Omertà) which demands not only silence, but willingness to "take the fall" and a somewhat obsequious, overdone respect for women, as if a gentleman were required to take a deep bow and tip a wide sombrero for the ladies.

I have somewhat a theory on Chelsea Manning, that her superiors and co-workers were "riding" her too hard and causing her to believe that she "was doing the right thing" while procuring the unauthorized release of information in and upon and through her person, (or "male" persona, going by the name of Bradley Manning at the time.) Manning may have even been drugged at that time.

The accusation of "disclosure of classified information" is too much that Manning violated the Mafia's general Code of Omertà not only by breaking silence and putting forth a legal defense against the charges, but because simply being transgender at all is considered to be "disrespecting the ladies," all of which is offensive to the Mafia and forbidden under Omertà.

The NSA and the Mafia also work together to weaken business, corporate, and personal computer security, in order to ease their surveillance and organized criminal activity, respectively.

The CIA and the FBI have similar problems. The "Christians In Action" aspect of the CIA cannot be ignored, and all too many times an FBI office just happens to be located in close proximity to a large Roman Catholic Church cathedral. This is not a coincidence. There is too much "confession" and too much pretended ignorance on the part of CIA and FBI that the Vatican is a sovereign state closely allied especially with the old enemy World War I axis of Germany, Italy, and Austria/Hungary, which persists to this day in the same evil against which the United States declared war in 1917.

Roman Catholic churches or cathedrals are essentially foreign embassies of the Vatican, and I do not like Roman Catholic "confession" or guidance on "doing the right thing" in the context of U.S. government employment.

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On ‎24‎/‎01‎/‎2018 at 8:02 PM, Shekinah said:

Few humans are guiltless of buying into sick standards of behavior. Only 2% are of noble character with no skeletons in their closet. Our species is defective and in decline.

Not according to the experts and demographers.

Have you not seen Dawkins' latest? Things are going along nicely for us.








On ‎25‎/‎01‎/‎2018 at 2:52 PM, equalizer_0 said:

Jesus alone of noble character with no skeletons in His closet.

Eh, is that the same Jesus that they have stupidly tied to Yahweh with that idiotic Trinity concept?

If so, then he is a genocidal son murderer just like his other 2/3ds.

That is a hell of a skeleton in his closet. No?



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