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Comfort food, soul food, etc.

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People get fat off that shit, grow four dress sizes overnight, you know what I mean.

Makes you sleepy, craving for more no matter how much you eat. Can't even take a shit after eating that stuff without several cups of strong coffee.

Gotta be adulterated with narcotics. No other way. Always some more or less fake "traditional" culture claptrap to it, along with plenty of fat, sugar, and salt.

Soul food, comfort food, whatever they call it in some particular "culture" or another. "Chicken-and-fish" for African-Americans, Swedes call it "husmanskost," the Germans just really eating out the "meat-and-potatoes," that sort of thing.

A little bit of alcohol in the beverages, too. A pinch of yeast and some extra sugar sneaked into the orange juice and allowed to ferment overnight -- "Good morning, children, time to get ready for school!" -- there's that mattress store down the street to replace all the beds wet by the children.

It's always claimed to be racial, tribal, cultural, whatever, although in truth it is the exact same problem for all races and cultures.

"Beans-and-rice" for Latin-Americans, etc., etc. I don't mean to leave anyone out, but it's really all the same. And it just goes on and on. There is always some ethnic or cultural stereotype, a "very good cook" who happens to be rather emotional and temperamental, and the food is doped.

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Drug-resistant salmonella linked to raw chicken sickens 92, 1 in Alabama

We need some good old NSA-style linguistic analysis on this one. This is Alabama, after all. Ella's the cook. They're having chicken-and-fish. Drugs are involved. The party is over, and the hostess is trying to clean the vomit off the sofa and loveseat. They got the facts a little mixed up. Centers for Disease Control are not that far away, are they? What, Atlanta, Georgia?

Missing CDC worker's death was a suicide by drowning, medical examiner rules

A black man drowned in the river, no indication of foul play.

No indication of foul play? No indication of foul play! Holy fuck, the guy must have been on to something, because that's a straight-up Ku Klux Klan hit, standard modus operandi for them: scarcely even deign to conceal the murder.

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