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Holocaust denial vs minimization

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Several European countries have passed laws to ban speech that is claimed on some political grounds to "minimize" or "deny" the Holocaust. Such laws do not help the public to arrive at the truth. Yes, millions of people died. It was war. Total world war. We all know that. But all of them Jews? Or even so many? I think not.

Let's try the other tack on "minimization" in any case.

U.S. Congress declared war on Germany, Italy, and Japan in the 1940s. Japanese-Americans were sent to internment camps. Were these really as bad as the "concentration" camps in Germany and Poland? Neither German-Americans nor Italian-Americans were interned. Note that it was Japan that attacked Pearl Harbor, not Germany or Italy.

Does ionizing radiation really cause as much damage to the human body, and "cancer," etc. etc., as the doctors claim, outside the obvious heat burns from the fireball? Hiroshima? Nagasaki?

How did Marie Curie really die? She was a woman in a highly technical and secretive, male-dominated field? "Cancer" from radiation poisoning? Really?

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