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LOVEINT shooting

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Valentine's Day. "Possible shooting." Article text sounds a lot more sure of that than URL originally chosen.

Photo in article was reconstructed from video from a different source.


This is serious, folks. No joke. NSA is yanking the news media's chains while they pimp out the girls -- yes, those girls who keep flooding the White House with sexual harassment allegations.

NSA has got to be running that red-light district downtown Baltimore which caters to the D.C. politicians -- and the big part NSA plays is to keep their pay-for-play sexual activities under wraps.

Looking for work? You can't even get hired at the NSA unless they have the screwtapes on you, and you are "in the closet" LGBT or BDSM or some shit like that -- and yes they have the ability to fabricate those kinds of videos for court purposes or anonymous revenge porn.

The whole TS/SCI "clearance" thing hinges on the screwtapes and your fear of their ability to destroy you. You've got to have major skeletons in your closet to work at a place like that.

Telephone surveillance, the call girls, the phone sex, the 1-900 numbers, the "premium" phone numbers, it all caught fire down there at Fort Meade and went to hell in a handbasket.

Internet surveillance, pornography, etc., etc. Wake up, sheeple! Are you finally getting the picture of what NSA does?

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This is also why NSA built the new data center near Salt Lake City, Utah. Namely, to run the Vegas district, which is in fact historically Mormon.

Which brings us to the general connection of religion to the red-light district. Of course, most religions preach prostitution to be a sin, but obviously they do not practice what they preach. Downtown Baltimore has a large Roman Catholic congregation with many churches and cathedrals. Catholics tend to deny their freemasonry, but they sponsor many of the same peculiar causes, and there is a large monument right across D.C. in Alexandria, Virginia.

NSA is military. Overwhelmingly male, move around a lot, perfect population to which to offer sex-for-money. The military has a prostitution problem. Let's not lie about it.

There are three rules to this with heavy enforcement in law:

  1. Pay to play. Not just cash-for-sex, but alimony, child support, and so on and so forth.
  2. When it's over, it's over. Keep it hidden from the public eye, and there are several forms of no-contact, anti-harassment, domestic violence, and other restraining orders available to cops for enforcing this rule.
  3. Do not get in the way of sex traffic. Omertà.

There is a certain color of law to all this, but NSA is running too many call girls, video sex chat, Tindr, etc., etc. We cannot ascribe good faith to NSA for all that they do.

NSA runs the Internet. To think otherwise, one is in denial.

Nevertheless, the cops are angry at me for the above post.

An indictment against "internet trolls" for "interfering" with the election? Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

I am sorry, but the investigation into "election interference" must be limited to actual ballot fraud, or provable instances of foreign censorship of new media.

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Don't forget to include the circle jerk friends of the NSA. The DOD and their subsidiary DARPA that runs MK-Ultra and the CIA and the rest of the intelligence agencies. Take a close look at the monies spent to create a hub for sharing information among all of the government agencies. They actually have a name for this network, doesn't come to mind at the moment.

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