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This is a peculiar phrase from my former church. They say that some person "made repentance." Always in the past tense. Imperfect tense.

Originally the phrase is from Finnish "teki parannuksen." Then it was translated to Swedish "gjorde b{a"}ttring," and finally to English.

"Made repentance." Not "repented." This is not right. Repentance is not something that one can make or do. This is contrary to Martin Luther's doctrine.

The original Finnish or Swedish suggests making oneself "better" in some way. What is really meant by this, then, is that one has effected a legal remedy or cure, that is, "cured" oneself of some serious breach of the Law in which one was found or caught.

Thus there is no seeking of grace and no true contrition to such a "making" of repentance, but only works of the Law to better oneself by one's own merit in a perfunctory satisfaction of the Law's outward demands.

Jesus has no place in such a Church, which also demands an outward circumcision of flesh and blood to satisfy its interpretation of the Law.

The cops say there are 1000 of them here in Alaska. It's a cult of sexually repressed eternal virgins and prudish conservative men who somehow manage to reproduce like rabbits. Those who are disobedient to the cult mob bosses (preachers) have fertility problems, horrible STDs, breast cancer, and prostate cancer, etc. There is foul play on the road. Stolen drivers' licenses, arranged "accidents," auto insurance fraud, tampering with motor vehicles, auto theft and title-washing, etc.

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