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Disease X

It is on the list of WHO's "blueprint" priority disease watchlist.

Feared to cause a global pandemic. I don't like this blueprint. There are rumours of biological warfare. There is a smear on the African-American researcher who may have escaped a very quiet CDC quarantine. That's Atlanta, Georgia. Deep South. The WHO doctors are too white, just like their lab coats, and the diseases they study are too dark, like the skin of their subjects. There is too much focus on Africa, and not in good faith on the part of the doctors.

The doctors are deflecting attention away from Europe and its history of horrible plagues of all sorts of diseases with mass mortality, which spread around the world from Europe in the Middle Ages, from their horribly unhealthy lifestyles that were strictly and harshly imposed by law and custom.

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On 3/21/2018 at 3:17 PM, Trinity said:

Do they have to pretend to get funding?

Oh, no! Americans need drug treatment!

The shortage of drugs is a public health emergency!

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