Coffee causes cancer?

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Acrylamide? A ubiquitous organic compound present in trace amounts in practically any food product that is fried, roasted, baked or cooked in any other way than simply boiled raw. "This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer." How much longer do we have to tolerate California courtroom faggotry?

Plenty of ladies paint their nails with thousands (if not millions) of times the amount of related toxic chemicals, acetone, acrylic, and related compounds, which do soak in through the skin, and yet they manage to live longer than men for the most part. Don't tell me coffee causes cancer.


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@Great Illuminati You posted in the wrong forum. I defected from Illuminati as a child. I was onto secrets I was not supposed to know, and those plots and conspiracies, which the older ones and higher-level initiates took great pains to conceal from me, came at last to the light of day.

But now is a time of great war and inquisition into the evil practices of Illuminati. Victory is ours because we refuse to bow down before Lucifer the bearer of light who exalted his throne above the stars of heaven.

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