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Bad women in Alaska. Some really bad women fave infiltrated themselves into business, law enforcement, government, "services" industry, and so forth. (This is part of a general problem of too many "restaurants," not enough grocery stores, too much "product," not enough substance, too much "service," and the job not being done.)

They play every dirty trick whores have played on men since the days of Samson and Delilah, except many of these women affect a bisexual or lesbian identity, and they do these things to other women.

It is bad. They cut hair and stab out eyes. They pour caustic lye in others' faces. They slice others' fingernails off in the middle of the night with an extremely sharp knife just to intimidate. They work in restaurants and coffee shops, where they poison and drug their customers and spike their drinks.  They commit rampant petty theft, and tamper with motor vehicles. It is impossible to prosecute a woman for shoplifting, because the jails and criminal courts are by inviolable custom only for men in a "Western" frontier-style deference for women: in reality, the Mafia's Code of Omertà is alive and well in Alaska. For this we must put to the question a certain culture that has been brought to America by Italian coal miners among others, not by any means all of whom are Italian.

These female "mafiose" remind me of the "{!!}Piston Annies{!!}," a murderous criminal female outlaw motorcycle club from Kansas City, Missouri, but much, much worse, because they do not seek to identify themselves as associates of any particular group in front of others.

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Where do they come up with a name like "Piston Annies" in the first place?

>>> "Ooh, I've got the Piston Annies! Do you have any idea what I'm looking at right now on the Internet!" <<<

They've got to be queer if they're recruiting other women for that cause. Whenever there are so many women that turned off by men, (or vice versa,) that usually means there is an enormous sex-for-money red-light district going on. So it is in Kansas City, KS // MO with the casino and the large entertainment district. A lot of conservative tightlaced church ladies in there, as well. There is always that sort of connection between extremely orthodox // conservative // fundamentalist churches and a thriving red-light district with open prostitution. There is a night life and a day life. The Chinese Yin-Yang.

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I assure you, I did not come up with "Piston Annies" just out of the blue or by searching for something on the Internet.

No. Those "ladies" really are talking about female orgasms when they say "I've got the Piston Annies!" like that.

When I was a small child, two or three years old, my mother left me in the care of babysitters who were members of that club in Battle Ground, Washington.

They call themselves "Pisto'nannies" (pronounced as one word like that) when they take "care" of children; that term suggests pistols as well as pistons. They have all sorts of creative and secretive methods which they use to abuse children. They super-glued my eyes shut because I cried and would not sleep all night. They are experts with various drugs, chemicals, and controlled substances which they administer to permanently damage a child's health.

They are into home births, natural births, and hospital births, and they lustfully, ardently, and unconditionally demand circumcision of baby boys, so great is their general hatred, which they tend to take out on men as well as other women.

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