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There is a certain cant or argot used by (liberal- or criminal-minded) officials of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

    Alcohol    <->  21, 22, male-male oral sex
    Tobacco    <->  11, 65, 66, male-male anal (or other) sex
    Firearms   <->  14, 69, 78, "straight" sex
    Explosives <->  44, 55, 88, female-female oral (or other) sex

These numeric codes tend to be varied a lot, for obvious reasons, and probably depending on which cartel or gang the officials belong to, but there is a general tendency and desire to "regulate" or "control" these items as "vice," and to read way too much into the word "vice" in the wrong way as an association with some "deviant" sex.

Some of these liberal government gangs or cartels are "anti-Semitic" and use numeric codes to "one-up" the 12 tribes of Israel or some rival gang

    MS-13  ==  12 tribes + 1 (Mexican criminal cartel, anti-Semitism going back to the Zimmermann telegram...)
    1488   ==  MS-13 + 1 (White supremacist gang, better than the Jews and Spics put together...)

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