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1 hour ago, truthfinder0469 said:

I am seeking information on any and all conspiracies and conspiracy theories. Is anyone willing to share?

I posted this, this afternoon: (in relation to a lesbian domestic violence case that took some bizarre turns.)

And then I found this: Death reportedly occurred early this morning, middle of the night last night my time.

Causation cannot travel backwards in time to cause a death, or induce suicide. I do not go for this self-immolation business. At the same time, this does not seem to be a coincidence. I had no knowledge whatsoever of the death when I posted, and I did not intend to offend. I was angry at the same way I had been treated as having reported a violent crime.

This "gay" business and the "lgbt-hate" business is getting really, really creepy. We think there is some form of mind control going on. Does one person's brain waves communicate thoughts electromagnetically or somehow supernaturally to another person's brain? Or do we all have implants?

MK-ULTRA? Some top-secret military mind-control weapon? You tell me.

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Depends on what you want, bro.

Here I will make it easy for you.



Barcode (RFID CHIP)



Conspiracy Theory term (meant to discredit people questioning JFK's assassination)


D.E.A. (ALPHABET BOYS, D.H.S., Disinformation)

Aliens (Reptilians, Pleiadians, Arcturians, etc.) (Greys) (Zetas)

Fema Camps (Reeducation centers)

Brainwashing (Thought Reform, TV, Media, Mind Control, MK ULTRA)

Montauk Project (Occult, Space Warping, Time Manipulation)

Dark Occultists (Satanists, OTO, Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, Anton Lavey, Thelema, Mark Passio)

David Icke (Reptilians, Hyperdimensional Beings, Reptilian Elite, Queen Elizabeth)

Dan Brown (Freemason Sympathizers, Misleading masonry)

Demiurge (matrix, or God who created it) Gnostism*

Hyllics (Material people)

NPC's (Non-player characters = people who have programmed responses) (Organic Portals)

Sheeple (People who need to be lead by a authoritative figure) (followers) (passive consumers)

U.F.O. (Unidentifed Flying Object) (Probes) (Watchers)

Illuminati (Secret Societies) (Worship Science) (Manipulate People)

Illuminati Puppets (Pop Icons) (Porn Stars) (Drug Mules) (Politicians) (Hitman) (Corporations)

Narcissists (manipulative people) (psychopaths) (sociopaths) (narcopaths)

Mind Control (TV) (Social Engineering) (Brainwashing) (Torture) (Satanic Ritual Abuse)

Occult (Hidden) (Magick) (Satanism) (Wicca) (Witchcraft) (Tarot)

N.W.O. (illuminati's plan) (depopulation) (georgia stones)

Globalists (NATO) (U.N.) (AGENDA 21)

Federal Reserve (Rockerfeller, Rothschild)

12 Royal Families (Hidden is Merovingian)

That's all I can come up with now, I have more, but I just wanted to give you these to research.




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