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i seek the truth about what is going on behind the curtain. i have been diving into the rabbit hole for some time now and i have learned a lot about what is going on and what is being kept from us but i want to learn more

i already use tor but im not sure what sites to go to so i can find the information that i seek. i am also looking for someone that goes by the name TheDarkKing a friend of my recently spoke with this person and found out some amazing shit and i wish to speak to this person myself so i can learn what they know.

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On 19/04/2018 at 6:17 PM, F-16 said:

 Deepsites, copyritten computer files. cp, feebie bait, ripped-off movies, that sort of thing...?

What about it?

I understand Tor, but not i2p, which that page of links is for.    Should Tor be used to view that link?    

Edit:  It would appear not, as not a single one of the first 8 links on the page works in Tor.

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If you are looking for something specific? I found the best printable guns there and the Anarcist's Cook Books. You will not find browsing fun or effective. Forums there can point you in the right direction sometimes also dark web has it's own style BBS. Was actually looking for the formula for platinum gray powder and found it on WWW. in a Marine manual. So, yes I found stuff but, nothing I was looking for.

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