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The Forgotten Plane - A Curious Journey [New "Truth" Documentary]

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(Not suited for All Audiences)

The Jester's Plane: A Curious Journey Down the Rabbithole


Released Friday 13th,April

"Well, it is maybe not the best "truth" documentary out there, but certainly the coolest" ~ IMDb



I think anyone who actually stumbles upon this post should find some enjoyment in this; I have to apologize for being somewhat cryptic;

there are a couple of reasons for that*;  but this piece is not 2:30h long for no reason.


It is a different kind of documentary, but those who enjoy critical thinking and those who like to wear their tinfoilhatgear rather loose, will definetly find this say the least..

If you feel like watching ; try to be in a somewhat  a calm state of mind, if you feel rushed ,alas skipping through  , is not advised.


and here we go to the full "movie" -:

Please try not to this thread with your assumptions unless you`ve actually seen the whole piece..thanks brethren,  enjoy the ride - I am seriously looking forward to your feedback!! <3 


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