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Starbucks Sells to Nestlé the Rights to Offer Its Coffee in Stores for $7 Billion

Perpetual rights. For a $78,000,000,000 company. Whoever was representing Starbucks in that deal is dead meat, and I mean dead. As in, that guy's life is over. Major corporate fraud. War. Militarily hostile foreign corporate takeover. Shareholders be damned. Customers be damned. Employees be damned. They stole the brand, just like a stolen car. And now they're parting it out and fencing it. We can't even vote individual shares of stock anymore, and they pull this kind of stunt on investors of American companies.

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Those bottled coffee drinks they sell in stores (Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, McCafe', whatever) always have a reduced caffeine content -- they measure it carefully because it's a "consumer product" and it has to be "healthy" -- and they also slip a little bit of alcohol into them for flavor, whatnot.

It's those foreign (E.U.//Canada) international brotherhood labor unions -- they really don't want Americans to be ready for work on time in the morning.

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