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Cancer is the sign of the Zodiac, , the crab, which is sometimes associated with pain and suffering: to a doctor, something to be inflicted, not to be relieved.

Sometimes certain cells of a tissue or organ in the human body do mutate, grow into a tumor, and metastasize. So that process, which the doctors describe when they talk about "cancer," is more or less, in a very narrow technical sense, true.

But the treatment and the prognosis delivered by the medical quack cancer industry are wrong.

When doctors say that cancer is "malignant," they are simply saying that it is "evil." It is simply a mis-named medical condition. It is not evil. It just is. The doctors are exhibiting a phenomenon known as "transference" when they call cancer "malignant," i.e. evil. There is nothing malignant like one human who willfully and intentionally causes harm to another human.

When a doctor delivers a prognosis, that is actually a death threat, usually premeditated murder carried out covertly under a false guise of some medical symptom or disease.

Ionizing radiation makes people sick and makes their hair fall out. So-called "chemotherapy" makes people sick and makes their hair fall out. These are not, and never have been, the characteristics of a true cure or treatment for any disease of mankind. When a human is unhurt, it is said that not one hair of his head is harmed. The medical quack doctors who prescribe harmful ionizing radiation or toxic chemotherapy are inflicting a symbolic pain and suffering under a certain astrological sign. It is abundantly clear that they have no intention whatsoever of relieving suffering or prolonging life in their pursuit of pecuniary gain.

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I agree with you in some respects.  

Treatment for cancer seems to be kill the cancer before killing the patient.    I know someone who died of pneumonia while undergoing chemo, her body couldnt fight it off as her immune system had been destroyed.

The radio therapy now days, is very tightly targeted at the cancer area.   I know another woman going through this right now.  So far she seems to doing very well.

Interestingly they have said to her that surgery, then chemo, then radiotherapy is their preferred treatment plan with the best chance of success.  

We waste a lot of money as a society and I fear this will only get worse. So no cures for us.  We choose to spend it on something else.


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8 hours ago, Trinity said:

kill the cancer before killing the patient

That is generally the stated objective of their "treatement." There is  something about that theory or claim of certain cells "growing out of control." It's almost like the patient's hair is too long, the docs are frustrated because the general public refuses to believe that a proper haircut cures cancer, so they are looking for some way to make the patient's hair fall out entirely.

Now the docs did something similar to this to a relative of mine when he was a small boy. They did not call it cancer, though. The family cutting his hair, and he didn't like it, so they poisoned him somehow, which caused all the hair on his head and body to fall out permanently, and he developed an unusual type of diabetes.

They are always selling a cures for baldness and such in the shady ads in the back pages of popular magazines.

The cancer industry is not unlike the medieval barbers of old who were not satisfied cutting their clients' hair, but they began to attach leeches for bloodletting, and perform strange and unnecessary surgeries.

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Cancer. The astrological star sign. It's your fate or destiny, that is, a "pre-existing condition" as per medical insurance parlance.

Foreordained and eternal pain and suffering. I mean, look, a crab pinched your finger and it hurts. That's your fate.

It's a bastardized paganish pseudo-religion of human sacrifice masquerading as health care.

Native Americans don't tend to come right out and call them "witch doctors" but they do complain of "bad medicine" with an excessive element of superstition.

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These doctors are wizards and witches, Norse druids, you know what I mean? Just throw in a Saami medicine man once in a while.

There is no coherent theory or practice of medicine in the United States anymore.

There is legal marijuana and medical marijuana, you know how intelligent people get on that stuff? If it ain't law or medicine, what'cha' goin' school for anyways, cuz' you're gettin' too smart for your own good.

They're in so much pain when they can't get their marijuana, that they've got to have an astrological star sign for it, even if it isn't the one of their birth.

And the TERATOGENIC effects of marijuana, which the medical establishment refuses to acknowledge? Ten times worse than Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Girls grow hair on their chest and fail to develop breasts, come to find out their mother was high on marijuana early in pregnancy. And the boys develop gynecomastia, but the docs just circumcise them and move along, bury the medical board complaints and skip town. They take a different name in retirement than that they used in practice.



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