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Sinaloa and New Generation drug cartels

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For as long as the Sinaloa cartel was in control of my hometown, (Vancouver, Washington,) I was relatively safe and unharmed, but when the New Generation cartel took over, I was stripped of my civil rights, put on a government shitlist, and forced to leave town for my life.

Okay, sure, Sinaloa dealt drugs, but for the most part they respected people's right to say no. New Generation is a much different, much more brutal cartel. The "generational" theme is carried to an extreme, and New Generation especially resents the untapped drug and prostitution markets left by Sinaloa, which does allow a certain "law-abiding" economy to flourish to some degree as long as they are in control.

The New Generation girls are especially vicious, and have a certain way of consicuously avoiding men their own age or younger. New Generation really emphasizes the forcible psychiatry, the New Age philosophy, and legal marijuana as the gateway to other street drugs.

There is nothing new under the sun, of course, but New Generation represents an ongoing strategy of generational shift, ethnic cleansing, cultural purge, and total holocaust to bring about an overarching goal of a lawless society of drugs, sex, and alcohol.

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I was aware only tangentially of the Sinaloa and N.G. cartels because I had a few friends or acquaintances who identified or affiliated with Sinaloa. I was not privy to any involvement of theirs in organized crime, and it is important to realize, too, that Sinaloa is an actual state or administrative district within Mexico, and despite the prevalence of organized crime there, it cannot be considered "criminal" on the face of such a matter to associate or identify culturally with a particular state, district, or area as one's hometown.

The concept of a New Generation, too, also represents a natural process of generation shift among government, business, non-profits, and society in general and not all of that can be considered criminal on the face of it, either. People grow old and die, and then their children take over. This is not wrong or criminal, but simply an unavoidable fact of life. (At the same time we don't need to make it worse than it needs to be with the locked up old folks' homes and fake diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.)

When prosecuting cartel- or gang-related crimes, you cannot afford to make vague slurs or slights of a defendant's involvement in a vaguely defined "philosophy" of a criminal way of life, but you must be very specific about whom the party was involved with, exactly what they were conspiring or planning, and why it was illegal.

When you have a gun, you need to aim very accurately, because that shotgun blast from the hip isn't hitting the birds in court.


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So from my hometown (Vancouver, Washington) there are two camps of drug dealers, a "Blue" camp and a "Red" camp.

The Red camp is Republican Party, Bloods, Kol Ami Jewish Congregation, Russian Mafia, Sinaloa Cartel, Veterans Affairs, etc.

The Blue camp is Democratic Party, Crips, PLO, Hamas, New Generation Cartel, Clark College, legal marijuana, SeaMar, etc.

The Blues and Reds alike are criminals, and while their political alliances may shift from time to time, all of them are constantly dealing in drugs and murder-for-hire, and there is no bona fide court system to bring these people to justice, because the criminal cartels have taken over the local court system to enforce a total Mob rule, and they would all be in such deep trouble with any true rule of law, that they will never allow such in that town.

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