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funeral homes run too much of a "business"

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First of all, I do not believe in cremation. It is against the Christian religion to be so quick to destroy evidence of homicide.

So. The dead deserve a respectful burial. But funerals are EXPENSIVE. The coffin alone costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a wooden box that is put on view for a day or two, and then buried in the earth. The preparation and embalming of the body is too expensive, as well, and there is too much "make-up" for a proper viewing of the dead. There is too much professional molly-coddling, boozing, and schmoozing of the bereaved relatives in funeral homes. There is too much professional event-planning and organizing and directing of the automobile traffic of bereaved, distraught, and sleep-deprived drivers, who then proceed to create even more business for the aforementioned funeral home.

Such wastefulness and vanity are not respectful of the living and the dead. A funeral parlor is not a church, and those who hold and attend worship in a spirit of death rather than a spirit of life cannot be considered Christians.

It is unseemly for the driver of the hearse to get a speeding ticket on the way to the cemetary.

This whole issue had become a major problem in my former church. The community was very close-knit, and at the same time had grown very large. There were too many funerals, and they were too well attended. As a consequence, people became too comfortable with death and the general concept of death, and as some families inevitably feuded with others, and developed deep and unresolved disagreements, they became too comfortable with the idea of causing death, i.e., committing premeditated murder, in an attempt to resolve their disagreements.

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Remains of fetuses and infants removed from second Detroit funeral home

Remains of more than 60 babies, fetuses found stashed in Detroit funeral home

A little late term for an abortion, isn't it? Some of the babies were already born, weren't they? Roe vs Wade?

Lawsuit alleges Perry Funeral Home forged death certificates Remains found in unrefrigerated boxes

Officials say more human remains could be found inside former Cantrell Funeral Home Bodies of 11 infants, cremated remains of 4 people found at former funeral home

I recall a "lesbian" scene and too many funerals for the numbers to add up in my hometown. Spawning babies and kicking out husbands like wild.

So are the guys all rapists and child molesters as the talk about town would lead you to believe? Some people are just a little bit too professional at being raped, and some of those same-sex couples hang out at the funeral home a bit too much.

There are a few gays and lesbians who murder their partners rather than be outed, people often think "queer" when they are suspicious of something, but as always, most of it is heterosexual when you get right down to it. A hooker or john is murdered by her/his partner, because the sex-for-money "straight" people don't want to be outed either, especially married men who patronize female hookers. The families in their socially appropriate grief do not wish to be officially apprised of circumstances unbecoming of the stability and honor they wish to project socially.

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