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Trump's supporters want respect

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Trump supporters are the only people not dumb as a bucket of rocks.  For decades we have been on a deadly spiral of indecision and inaction sucking up to un-friendlies around the world, buying friends and allies, playing with our pee pees and being oblivious to reality. The mindless irrational minions who seek open boarders and emptying of national coffers supporting illegal interlopers by the millions are nothing less then treasonous. We get 1.75 million Legal immigrants a year. There are 12-20 million illegal aliens costing 110 billion a year in human, medical and educational services. There are 3.5 million illegals on Medicaid. There are 20 million illegals registered to vote and opposition by many to demanding proof of citizenship and cleaning the voter registrations.  

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On 6/19/2018 at 12:02 PM, katsung47 said:

‘We want respect!’: Trump supporters whine that everyone mocks them in pity-soaked NPR interview
Brad Reed BRAD REED         27 APR 2018

Harrrumph. They weren't called "Sir" in just the right tone of voice by some pretty, young waitress is a swishing skirt when they sat down to eat at that pricy restaurant.

You know, the kind of place where the food might've been lousy for all anybody cared but the service was great.

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