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Fundamentalist Christian Homosexuality

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You know what I'm talking about.

Too many dear brothers in the Lord hanging out in the men's room holding hands, leaning on one another's shoulders sobbing and crying in such manly commiseration begging forgiveness for their male sins.

Yes, they have "sisters." But first you have to ask, second, if you have to ask, the answer is actually NO, and in the third place, to put it politely, there is no bread for the poor.

Reminds me of the time many years ago that some doctor (actually a nurse practitioner or physician's assistant) tried to tell me I bad "AIDS" or "HIV" or some shit like that and they were going to do a "Western blot" or "immunoassay" to try to see what they could do for me.

They did prescribe me some medication for some infection I had at the time related to an immune dysfunction I had developed. Apparently, it was the wrong medication, because they changed it all of a sudden, but I didn't feel well on that medication, either, so I quit taking it, and when the infections came back, I started thinking maybe they would go away better on their without the medication, which they did.

Since I didn't go back to that doctor, I was never actually served notice of a positive HIV test result or a legal diagnosis of AIDS, and furthermore in the mean time I've had tests that were negative for HIV and actually donated blood after answering all the questions truthfully.

Somehow HIV is supposed to be transmitted by anal sex and IV drug needle sharing, but not by mosquitoes or other biting insects. It's not clear why black women and white male homosexuals should get HIV more than other ethnic and social groups. Must have something to do with the "Ebola" virus which reportedly remains in the eyeballs and testicles of black men after they recover from it assuming they survive.

Anyways, I was never served notice of a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, and it would probably not have held up in court if I were.

So back to the "dear brothers in the Lord" in the men's room. There is a certain abstract, general sense in which they cut hair and steal or destroy a woman's beauty. In a certain sense they require only boys and men to be circumcised and have their hair cut, but right next door there is a women's beauty parlor "offering" not only haircuts, but manicures, pedicures, waxing, laser hair removal, facials, and even unnecessary plastic surgery, or liposuction, possibly even a facelift or just a little nip or a tuck here or there.

So these "dear brothers in the Lord" (1) reject a woman's natural beauty, (2) maintain an unnatural "ideal" of feminine beauty, (3) insist very slyly that "their" women adhere to their artificial standards of beauty, and (4) harshly and severely separate women and girls along with any ideal of their attractiveness from the younger men and boys, whom they force mercilessly into a certain lifestyle of male-only companionship which they cultivate without any compunction whatsoever.

I was brought up in such a church, more on the female side than the male, because my male friends tended to be too desirous of a one-on-one relationship with me, and I was not really ever welcome as part of an all-male group, and over time, the whole concept of sex and gender became more and more central to their religion, which now required male circumcision under the letter of the law of Sodom, Egypt, and Babylon. Meanwhile the church actually changed its creed and altered its articles of incorporation to reflect these new extremes of fundamentalism in an atmosphere where dissent was, to put it mildly, highly discouraged.

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