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Alaska Natives

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I don't believe in "Natives" per se "Natives."

Simple logic dictates that "Natives" of far north regions will have lighter skin, hair, and eyes than those of more tropical latitudes, and that over time, people of darker hair, skin, and eyes who continue to live in the far north will develop a lighter complexion from evolutionary pressure to produce sufficient Vitamin D in the skin, vital not only to the skin itself, but also to the bones, teeth, nerves, and brain.

Alaska is not really a "Native" human habitat. Its climate is cold, harsh, and not supportive of a large population. It is almost more part of a "land bridge" or near land bridge that has served as a gateway for human migration from Asia to America.

The Aleutian Islands stretch all the way southwest from Alaska by Камча́тский край, Russia to Japan, from which in ancient times many tribes have migrated northeast, leaving no sharp line of demarcation between Japanese and Native Aleut or Eskimo culture.

More toward the north, people of Slavic and darker-skinned Caucasian features have migrated from the territory of the former U.S.S.R. and even India. When people of some "Native" tribes such as Athabascans call themelves "Indians," some of them mean that they actually can trace their ancestry to India.

It is not suprising that when, for example, Christopher Columbus discovered America, he "mistook" its inhabitants for Indians. He no doubt recognized certain Indian facial and other features, and the ancestors of the people he met had in fact migrated from India and other parts of Asia over Siberia, across the Bering Strait and through Alaska and Yukon Territory to populate continental North America.


There is a local retail cartel in Alaska that sells assorted "Native" kitsch to tourists, which is usually imported from Asia, and there are illegal immigrants from Asia & Eastern Europe who "pass" as Natives and are able to obtain U.S. citizenship & other benefits from some Native corporation in exchange for some consideration of money or services provided to the aforementioned Native corporation.

There is a Native Mob, and the foregoing is how they justify some of the worst of their crimes.

Highway robbery and human trafficking on a strategic land bridge of military significance are not acceptable. The Native "birthright" which is sold for money cannot be allowed to supersede the fundamental right of United States citizenship by birth or naturalization.


Another Native misconception thst really has to go: Most Natives are not fags, and have no more desire than most Nazis to be associated with faggotry. They are not into haggling or trading over a single cigarette or a smoke or a light or "some rolling paper" or blowing cigarette smoke in your face at the bus stop because you refused an overly friendly come-on.

Sorry, dude. Cigarettes are sold by the pack or carton along with lighters, matches, and everything else you "need" to smoke them.

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