The Many Faces Of Adolf Hitler

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I'm not surprised. That story that he hanged himself on piano wire was always a little fishy, and too many of those Nazis were "given" U.S. citizenship and government jobs through Operation Paperclip during and after WWII.

The U.S. got caught in a "peacekeeping" mission between the Nazis led by Adolf Hitler and the Soviets led by Joseph Stalin. It was a trap. Inasmuch as the Nazis were notorious for their concentration camps, the Soviets had their gulags, just as horrible, and Jews were put away on both sides of the war.

It should not really have been our war to begin with, and Pearl Harbor was a little fishy, too, because the Nazis have always hated Asians as much as any other non-whites. It was no doubt at the Nazis' behest that we interned the Japanese and dropped the bomb on Japan rather than Germany and Poland, where the worst of the European Holocaust was taking place.

Even after the war, we got caught up in the Bilderberg Meetings with Zbigniew Brzezinski whose daughter is now carrying on his campaign of covert Nazism after his death.

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