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Tommy Robison interview after being released

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Now the case will be re-heard under a new judge — the third judge for this case — and yet another decision will be made.

We need a whip of cords just like Jesus had for the moneychangers in the temple to drive these solicitors out of the courthouse. Take 'em out behind the woodshed and give 'em such a beating they will never again dare show their scarred faces or crippled bodies in public. There is no longer any pretense of law or justice to this entire fiasco. It's all over but the punishment of every lawyer, judge, and prison guard involved in this whole case.

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I am very glad it has gained global attention, and the huge injustice inflicted on this man by the UK authorities has been exposed.

At the end of the day this man is not a terrorist, or a rapist, or has been violent in anyway.   His only crime is to draw attention to terrorists, rapists and those who committed acts of violence against children.

The fact that UK traitor government is against him speaks volumes, and I think they were very unwise to reveal their true position by hurting Tommy.   A free Tommy might have been heard by a few thousand.   An imprisoned and brutalised Tommy speaks to millions.

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