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Bathroom Bill

Cumputerized mental health records

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Alaska's Automated Information Management System (AKAIMS)

In order to access the AKAIMS, Reports, and/or Support, there must be a signed Business Associate Agreement between your agency and the State of Alaska Division of Behavioral Health. Any computer used to access it must also have a static IP address that has been submitted to the state and added to the AKAIMS approved IP list. Without these, access is blocked.
  1. It's not even encrypted.
  2. The so-called Protected Health Information is therefore not intended to be particularly confidential or secret.
  3. Mobsters and Mafiosi do "behavioral health."
  4. Murder-for-hire is taking place on a grand scale.
  5. Psychiatrists are receiving giant kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies.
  6. It's a Mafia Associate Agreement.
  7. Guns are banned.
  8. Patients are not getting access to their own medical records or opportunity to correct false information on them.
  9. People are being put to death under the guise of psychiatry and mental health.
  10. Individuals not known to do street drugs are dying of street drug overdoses.
  11. Individuals not known to be depressed or suffering from suicidal ideation are dying under circumstances of alleged suicide.
  12. Individuals not known to be paranoid are dismissed by law enforcement officers and prosecutors when they bring charges of criminal stalking, harassment, conspiracy to commit murder, and other organized crime.
  13. Victims of crime are accused of the very crimes they report, but with the facts distorted and turned against them in court.
  14. Murders are not generally being investigated or prosecuted except for some that happen to have been committed with firearms, and in cases where a decision to prosecute is politically advantageous for city hall.
  15. Marijuana is legal.
  16. Drug crimes are not prioritized for law enforcement or prosecution.
  17. People with known and untreated drug problems are working in the food industry, grocery stores, and farms.

These are grave charges of serious war crimes which we bring. We are not joking

In Swedish it is said of serious crimes, "Man väcker åtal."

We say that the dead will rise from the graves to awaken these indictments against the living. We will not rest until every last patient of these doctors has been avenged a hundredfold, every faulty stroke of the surgical knife and every medication error is avenged a thousandfold, and our dogs dip their tongues in the blood of these doctors and run to and fro in joy and victory.

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