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When coffee to go isn't "to go" ...

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Same thing happened to me. I was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation after ordering a cup of coffee at McDonald's.

You don't get coffee "to go" at McDonald's, Starbucks, or some little "independent" coffee shop. It's a speakeasy. You don't need to be 21, and whatever they pull you over for on the road, it isn't DUI. Some other cock-and-bull story to justify an arrest because you didn't drink and drive responsibly.

When alcohol is served on the road, there is no due process in court, and that's when we resort to crime family vengeance.

It's the honor system. When I order something "to go" on the road, I am safe as anyone else to get behind the wheel when I eat or drink it, cops and lawyers be damned.

This Bonanno fellow's family will get their revenge for the wrongful death on the road.

Move on, coppers. Get the alcohol and drugs out of the food and drink on the road, or it's on you. It isn't that complicated, so stop playing stupid.

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