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Title IX: the "Dear Colleague" letter

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The most frightening government propaganda I have ever seen in the U.S., bar none.

It goes on and on about sexual assault, sexual violence, sexual battery, sexual coercion, and sexual rape, which are all forms of sexual harassment prohibited under Title IX, U.S. Code.

Furthermore, due process and proof beyond a reasonable doubt are "no longer" necessary to place a suspect on the registered sex offenders list for the rest of his life. A "preponderance of the evidence" and arbitrary adjudication without the ability to question or cross-examine witnesses are deemed sufficient to lay felony charges against male students.

The females? Oh. They're stupid, according to this "Dear Colleague" letter.

"Additionally, the likelihood that a woman with intellectual disabilities will be sexually assaulted is estimated to be significantly higher than the general population." ERIKA HARRELL & MICHAEL R. RAND, CRIME AGAINST PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES, 2008 (Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Dep’t of Justice, Dec. 2010), available at

These female sorority coed students are smart enough to go to college, and yet they are intellectually disabled? Gee whiz, what are they supposed to do when they graduate? Become obedient sexually submissive housewives after becoming sexually prepared and sexually educated for sexually appropriate roles in heterosexual marriage and female homemaking? Really? Can we overcome some of the airheaded blonde white supremacist stupidity? Because the Nazis really went to work in the Education Department with that Operation Paperclip, and have been hard at it ever since WWII.

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