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General food safety

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Asian gangs have been hanging around. They say don't shop at Safeway. Suspect Mormon ownership or influence.

Mormons leave food out too long when it ought to be refrigerated, store it too long, fudge the expiration dates when it is packaged, or let it go stale, keep too much inventory, and so on and so forth.

It's not healthy to eat that seven-year famine stuff. It causes lethargy and obesity from various food-borne illnesses, plus the Mormons sell their children into slavery and have them circumcised for corn.

Breakfast? Still alive. Oatmeal? I like walnuts in it, but both oats and walnuts "thin" the blood significantly, difficult to stop bleeding. Why? Something else is clogging my arteries, and I am hungry for food that will clear it out. Rat poison spread around the granaries contaminates the oats and wheat.

Nothing is ever "natural" about what we eat or drink.

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